This is Snow Time To Take Your Eye Off The Ball. Why You Should Be Prepared.

Will we have snow? Won’t we have snow? Have we already got snow? Ah, the British do love talking about weather, hot, cold (usually cold) rainy, sunny, foggy or snowy it’s our favourite bus stop chat. Snow is again on the menu with forecasters forecasting the white peril all over the place.
And let’s face it everyone seems to love snow. You can throw it, make snow angels, snowmen, toboganning, ski-ing… what’s the fuss? Well, snow can be a real problem and let’s not forget that while we are oohing and ahhhing over Snowmen coming to life and White Chrismassing all over the place, some people are slipping over and dropping and smashing four newly purchased bought bottles of Old Whiskers Grubbly Ale (grrrr… I should never have tried to get round that corner so fast) while others are getting trapped in their homes or their cars.
So, even a small fall of snow can stop youe car from starting, damage your business, cause slippage risks or prevent your kids from going to school, meaning you can’t put off your writing and watch episodes of back to back ‘Friends’ all day. Never mind what it might do to your lawn.
In the UK we have often let the weather close us down all too easily, but things are changing. Did you know, for instance, that In England and Wales, we have a duty of care (Occupiers Liability Act 1984) so we have to try to make sure visitors to our properties are safe?  If the postman slips over because you didn’t clear your path, or put salt, ice melt or grit down on the path, it could be your fault. And if you own a business you don’t really want to find you are shortstaffed because you couldn’t be bothered to clear the ice or snow from the forecourt, which now resembles Central Park ice rink after a pile up of disco-skaters.
This is where Snow Blowers and electric snow shovels come in. Far less hassle and effort than spades and much quicker (as well as more fun to use) these easy-to-use labour saving devices are very popular where there is lots of snow (Sweden, America) but are definitely catching on here bigtime as we start to realise you can’t just take the day off and slide down a hill on a tin tray… well not more than one day anyway. Schools, colleges, businesses, you name it, they are investing in Snow Blowers because… well because it pays to be prepared. Simple as that. That money spent now could well be the thing that saves you days of lost business or injury.
Snow blowers can break snow and even ice in some cases and turn it into a directable stream of mashed snow, clearing spaces quickly and without stress or strain.  here’s one in action…
Blow that Snow
Blow that Snow
 Or is that in Acton? Anyway, if you want to know more, check out Dick’s blog from yesterday. There is a great range of snow blowers available on MowDirect’s website and he gives you good run down of some of the best for business and large estates. For a the whole selection, including domestic machinesa s well as larger ride-on blowers,  have a look here.
And if it does snow, be prepared and enjoy your snowy garden.  Drew Hardy


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