Commercial snow blowers for businesses and estates at bargain prices

The freezing weather has reminded many of us that winter isn’t done for yet and for those of you in the north of the country and especially in Scotland Spring must seem a long way away.

Snow blowers for people managing business or with large drives and paths to clear are currently for sale at very keen prices.

In fact they are an absolute bargain and are worth buying even if you think there is little prospect of snow as they will never be at these prices again.

So here are three heavy duty machines made to clear large industrial areas, estates and country hotels.

Stiga Pro 1171 HST snow blower
Major tasks: Stiga Pro 1171 HST

They come from Swedish manufacturer Stiga and are among the best you can buy.

The Stiga Pro 1171 HST Commercial Dual-stage Snow Blower is a self-propelled snow blower with a 305cc Briggs & Stratton engine giving excellent fuel performance and reliability.

The hydrostatic speed control makes it easy to manoeuvre around obstacles and it has an intake height of 50cm so it can deal with heavy snow falls.

The clearing width of 71cm means it can clear large areas in double quick time.

It is a dual stage machine meaning it first drags the snow and ice into the body of the machine an d then an impellor takes over as the second stage to blastr the snow clear.

The exit chute and the deflector are both electronically controlled from the driving position and can throw the snow up to 15 metres away.

Snow skids under the front hood are adjustable and there is both a recoil starer and electric starter motor with cable supplied allowing you to hook up to the mains.

It also has a powerful headlight and the handles are heated to keep hands warm while you are working.

Currently it is for sale for just £1299, £1600 off the recommended price and we deliver it free within two to three working days.

There is a three year warranty from Stiga.

The Stiga Pro 1371 HST Commercial Dual-Stage Snow Blower has a 342ss Briggs & Stratton engine designed to resist the harshest winter weather and to start when it gets as low as -20F.

Stiga Pro 1371 commercial snow blower
One for the pro: Stiga Pro 1371 Commercial Snow Blower

The transmission is hydrostatic which allows easy changing through the six forward and two reverse gears.

The working width 74cm and with an intake height of 50cm it can handle heavy deep falls of snow with ease.

Arctic Track tyres give excellent grip, there is a headlight and adjustable handles.

Snow shoes under the hood let you adjust the working height according the surface you are clearing and there is a waterproof cover include in price.

It costs £1499, £1400 off the recommended price and we deliver it free within two to three working days with a three year warranty.

And finally there is the Stiga Pro 1581 HST Commercial Dual-Stage Snow Blower made for clearing large areas deeply covered in snow.

Stiga 1581 HST Commercial Dual Stage Snow Blower
Toughets tasks: Stiga 1581 HST Commercial Dual Stage Snow Blower

This one has a 420cc Briggs & Stratton engine and has a large fuel tank .

The working width is 81cm and the intake height is 50cm. Again the hood has adjustable snow shoes fitted which can be adjusted according to the surface being cleaned.

The exit chute is adjustable for height and direction of the blown snow and the hydrodstatic transmission makes it easy to drive.

The handles are adjustable and it is fitted with powerful headlights and Arctic Track tyres which give excellent grip. It also comes with a weatherproof cover.

It costs just £1599, a huge discount on the recommended price of £3379 and has a three year warranty.

We deliver within two to three working days.

For a full list of snow clearance machinery see these pages.


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