Top garden tractors on exclusive offer and at great prices

A hard-working garden tractor is essential if you are lucky enough to own a large plot and here is one from an established brand and at an excellent price.

The Murray EMT2242RDF Garden Tractor is made for gardens between one and three acres where there are jobs throughout the year – and not just grass cutting.

Murray EMT2242 RDF tractor
Exclusive bargain: Murray EMT2242 garden tractor

The twin-cylinder Briggs & Stratton 22hp engine gives bags of power and yet is not a thirsty or noisy machine.

It is delivered with a tow bar so it can be used with the wide range of attachments available for lawn and garden tractors – you’ll be surprised how often a towed garden trailer can be used through the year.

It has a turning radius of 36cm and hydrostatic transmission so it is as easy to drive as a car with an automatic gear box.

Wheels on the cutting deck mean it won’t scalp uneven lawns. And another benefit is that you can empty the 350 litre grass box without leaving the seat.

It is also comfortable to drive with an adjustable seat and it is even fitted with cruise control.

The cutting width is 107cm and the cutting heights are from 38mm to 89mm with seven settings.

It is delivered free of charge with a two year warranty and costs £2599, £1200 off the recommended price.

The Murray EMT2642RDF Garden Tractor, also on special offer, is a similar machine but with a larger 26hp engine, another twin cylinder one from Briggs & Stratton made for a long working life.

It costs £2999, £1000 off the recommended price and is delivered free within two to three working days with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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