Chainsaws designed with estates and farms in mind and with a FREE spare chain

Estate workers and farmers looking for hard working, powerful and reliable chainsaws would be well advised to look at these machines from the leading Italian manufacturer. They are exclusive to MowDirect and this brand is growing in popularity in the UK. As one of our customers remarked “I’ve used a number of Husqvarna saws in the past, and the build quality of the Oleo-Mac seems on a par with those…. easy to assemble and very easy to start first time.”

Indeed. And not only do they offer the toughness that estate work demands, but they are outstanding value for money. And they all come with a FREE spare chain.

This one, the Oleo-Mac GS-440 Pro Petrol Chainsaw, is on exclusive special offer and has a 42.9cc engine and a 40.5cm guide bar make it ideal for felling medium-sized trees and lopping branches as well as dealing with thick hedges and coppice work.

oleo-mac GS-440 chainsaw
Farms and estates: Oleo-Mac GS-440 chainsaw

The engine starts easily and has low vibration levels making it comfortable to use for longer periods.

The chain oil feed is automatic but can be adjusted and on automatic will stop the feed to the bar when idling, thus reducing wastage.

The lateral chain tensioner keeps the saw running efficiently and the inertia-operated chain brake reduces the risks should there be kickback. The chain-brake handle also acts as a front hand guard.

Heat from the engine is transferred to the carburettor so the saw can be used in sub-zero temperatures.

It costs £329, £120 less than the recommended price, it is delivered free the next working day with the replacement chain and there is a three-year warranty.

There is also a helmet, gloves, 2-stroke and chain oil and a fuel mixing bottle on sale for £70.

A bigger machine again is the Oleo-Mac GS-520 Petrol Chainsaw with its 46cm guide bar and a 51.7cc engine. Again there is a FREE spare chain.

Oleo-Mac GS 520 chainsaw
Low vibes: Oleo-Mac GS-520 chainsaw

The next model has a large fuel tank which takes half a litre and a self-cleaning air filter and is ideal for estate and farm work, designed to take the vigorous use this entails.

It has an extensive anti-vibration system to make it more comfortable to use over longer periods when felling larger trees and sawing branches.

This one costs £399, £150 off the recommended price, and is delivered free the next working day with a three-year warranty and free spare chain.

And finally, the most powerful model in the range is the Oleo-Mac GS-650 Professional Petrol Chainsaw.

A 51cm – 20in – guide bar and a 63.3cc engine make it a machine for the professional who needs to fell larger trees and lop branches.

oleo-mac gs 650 chainsaw
Big feller: Oleo-Mac GS-650 chainsaw

The engine has a decompression valve that makes it far easier to start and the engine is designed for rigorous use over long periods.

It is fitted with six vibration dampers to make it more comfortable and easy to use, has automatic and adjustable chain lubrication and an inertia-operated chain brake.

This top-of-the-range model costs £449, £50 below the price recommended by the manufacturer, has a free replacement chain worth £35 and is delivered free the next working day with a three year maker’s warranty.

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