Two great Japanese chainsaws to deal with fallen branches and trees

The first real storms of the winter have blown down branches and a few trees and left gardens looking distinctly untidy.

These need to be sawed up and cleared away as soon as you can. The wood will certainly provide heat through the cold months to come, but it is best stacked in the shed, or outside, covered and left to season for the following winter.

By then it will have dried out and give off much more heat. If you’re lucky enough to have a few fallen branches from an ash tree you can use those straight away.

Tanaka chainsaw
Tree feller: Tanaka ECS 3352 petrol chain saw

Faced with fallen branches and trees here are a couple of chainsaws from which have bags of power to convert them to logs.

The Tanaka ECS 3351 Petrol Chainsaw with a 35cm Guide Bar is from a Japanese company which manufactures light yet powerful garden machinery often used by professionals.

This has a 33cc engine, weighs 3.5kg, and has an extensive vibration damping system.

The chain oiling system can be adjusted to provide the correct lubrication according to the toughness of the wood.

It costs £269, £80 off the recommended price and has a five year warranty for domestic use. We deliver it free within three to five working days.

The Tanaka ECV 4501 Petrol Chainsaw has a 38cm guide bar and is designed for homeowners with exacting demands and the professionals.

Tanaka ECV 4501 chainsaw
Professional power: Tanaka ECV 4501 chainsaw

This has a more powerful 43cc engine and has the company’s Dust Rejection Ant-Filtration System to give it a longer life and make cleaning after use easier.

It is also easy to fire up with a decompression valve which means it starts with just the lightest tug – up to 70 per cent less than other machines.

Again there is an adjustable chain oiling mechanism.

This one is £399, £90 less than the price recommended and it has a five year domestic warranty. We deliver it free within three to five working days.

We have a great selection of chainsaws, see these pages for details. And please ring us on 08454 588905 if you would like our advice before ordering.


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