Just How Bad Is Your Garden Right Now?

Hopefully spring will be busting out all over in the next few weeks. At that point many of us turn our minds to the garden, with fanciful dreams of lazy BBQs, rolling around with the kids and throwing a stick for the dog…or rolling about with the dog and throwing a stick for the kids. Whatever you wish.

Mind My Onions!
“Mind My Onions!”

Then the bubble bursts as reality strikes and we peer fearfully out of the kitchen window to see just what is in store. It’s like the pitch of a 1970’s football match after a rainstorm, some sliding tackles and a pitch invasion.

The wet autumn gave us a great excuse not to venture out and the Winter’s combination of cold, wet and windy weather has persuaded us to retreat to the warmth of a cosy fire, a bag of Doritos and a box set of Breaking Bad.

Every year at this time when we look out into our gardens the kids’ toys are still strewn everywhere because the combination of wind and not putting them away last year means a major tidying spree is due. For now it just looks just like their bedroom… only with less mud. No really! Plus, all those impromptu visits from foxes and cats has left more than one ‘little gift’ on the lawn and muddy paw-prints on the walls.

Needless to say, for most people those first few trips into the garden this year will be about as enjoyable as a dead leg.

I’m almost certainly going to have to dig out my pressure washer, some thick rubber gloves and some good thermal socks (check out my recent blog on keeping warm in the garden) before stepping out.

However, I know that if I put the effort in now, I’ll get more out of the garden once the weather improves.

I also need to get digging. My family eats every meal like it’s their last and fresh vegetables are more than welcome on our table. We like to eat what we grow and grow what we eat, so our garden is a combination of pots (keeps the mint and rosemary from taking over the entire garden) and a vegetable patch.

Assuming I follow my own advice, I can get some exercise and get ready for when the kids want to join in – when we start planting stuff.

"Doctor? I'm Keeping Away a Whole Practise"
“Doctor? I’m Keeping Away a Whole Practice”

Of course, they’ll get bored again because nothing will have grown in the 17 minutes after planting and then we’ll struggle to stop them eating anything that vaguely resembles a fruit or a vegetable before it ripens.

So. Now I’ve told you about my pitiful patch of problems, it’s your turn to tell me about yours. We’re running a fabulous competition on Facebook right now. Post a picture of you in your own garden, preferably with you in it, and show us just how bad it is, or alternatively a picture of you and your clapped out and expired lawn mower. We’re giving away a great quality crowd-pleasing Mountfield Lawn Mower to the best photo!

So get snapping, but more than that, get out there and enjoy your garden!

Drew Hardy

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