Time to get tilling on the allotment or smallholding

After a really frustrating start to February with hard frost and snow the mercury is starting to rise at last which means it’s time to give the vegetable plots and allotments a tilling.

For those of you with larger allotments or smallholdings these next few weeks are vital to get the soil in good condition ready for planting.

Man with rototiller The last of the winter cabbages and sprouts can be harvested leaving the beds empty and ready for the Spring, and here are a couple of tillers made for smallholders and the owners of larger allotments in mind.

If you need a new tiller, have a look at this one, the Bertolini 202 Semi-Professional Rotary Tiller with Reverse Drive.

These Italian made machines are ideal for this type of holding with a 183 cc engine which can work through heavy clay soils as well as lighter lands.

A chain drive delivers the power to the tines and it has an 80 cm tilling width which can be adjusted down to 60 cm for working between the rows – there are also crop protection discs.

A reverse gear will get you out of a jam if the machine digs in and you have a simple control to adjust the working depth.

Tough worker: Bertolini Semi professional rotary tiller
Tough worker: Bertolini Semi professional rotary tiller

It costs £549 over £300 less than the recommended price. We deliver it free within three to five working days and there is a three year warranty from Bertolini.

This one from the USA, the MTD T450 Rear-Tine Tiller is a really tough machine with a Briggs & Stratton engine giving plenty of power to break up compacted, heavy ground.

The tines can be set to rotate in reverse for leaving a finer tilth ready for seeding or planting. It has a working width of 46 cm.

It is fitted with a front counterweight to give better balance, a reverse gear and individual drive to the wheels.

It costs £1149, £200 less than the recommended retail price and has a one year warranty. Free delivery is within four to five working days.

We have a huge selection of tillers and cultivators on our site and if you are still unsure, give us a ring on 020 3026 8712 for more information.

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