It’s only a bit of snow! With these machines you can keep your business running

As the old song said ‘The snow is snowing the wind is blowing, but I can weather the storm…’

You may be able to weather it but you’d need a commercial snow blower if you have a business to keep open.

A few years ago it seemed to be accepted that businesses would simply shut their doors when a few inches of snow fell but now the public expects that the country will keep going no matter what.

The thoughts being that if they can carry on regardless in the Scandinavian countries, why can’t we.

So have a look at these powerful commercial machines from a leading Swedish company made to for the sort of falls they have to cope with on a regular basis.

If you have an industrial unit to keep working this one will do the trick, the Stiga Snow Patrol Dual-Stage Snow Blower will clear a path 55 cm wide and can clear snow around 50 cm deep.

So while other company’s vans and cars get stuck you can keep working.

A 182 cc engine drives it along with the help of four forward and two reverse gears and chunky special snow grip tyres.

The front augurs drag snow into the hood and then an impellor takes over and blasts it up to ten metres away.

It costs £499, £180 less than the recommended price and has a one year warranty and is delivered free the next working day.

From the same company the Stiga Pro 1171 HST commercial dual stage snow blower is made for clearing larger industrial estates or areas like hospitals or large schools or offices.

It costs £1799 and has a three year warranty and is delivered free within two to three working days.

The Stiga Pro 1581 HST Commercial Dual-Stage Snow Blower is a bigger machine again with a 420 cc engine with a working width of 81 cm so you can see that with a machine like this really large areas like office car parks and larger estates can be cleared quickly and efficiently. And this one has hydrostatic transmission it even easier to control.

This one comes with a weatherproof cover and is delivered free within two to three working days. It costs £2699 a hefty reduction on the recommended price and has a three year warranty.

Have a look at these pages for a larger selection of snow blowers, both for commercial and domestic use.

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