Time to prune the fruit trees: these machines will keep your feet on the ground

This is the season for pruning, and not just the weekly household budget as the horror of your credit card bills flops on to the mat.

Aim to cut back on the old, dead wood and to cut the branches away so the light can get through to the centre of the trees.

But rather than teetering atop a garden ladder while carrying a chain saw, the best way to carry out these tasks is with a dedicated garden pruner.

These neat little machines are easy to use and easy to control and are much safer than either a powered saw or even a bow saw, and will prevent you having to work up a ladder.

This one is a favourite, the Mitox 26PP Long-Reach Pole-Pruner with a 25cm guide bar and an overall length of 226 cm.

It weighs only 6.8 kg and has a 2-stroke 25.4 cc engine and costs £199 with a two year warranty and free next working-day delivery.

Echo power pruner
Pruning power: Echo power pruner

This one, the Echo PPT265ES Power Pruner is adjustable and has a maximum reach of 3.83 metres and a 30.5 cm chainsaw head.

Often the choice of the professional this one has plenty of power for sawing through thicker branches. The shaft has a glass fibre cover to give it a longer life and it has been engineered to give lubrication right up to the chain head.

It costs £579, over £65 less than the maker’s recommended price, has a five year warranty and is delivered free the next working day.

These pages have an extensive list of similar machines for you to chose from

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