Three top chainsaws to keep the wood shed stocked

Don’t be fooled by the mild weather, autumn is setting in evidenced by the increasing falls of leaves.

And before long you’ll be firing up the wood burner to keep warm during the chilly evenings.

So now’s the time to cut up the old pile of tree branches and wood that have been hanging around and to achieve this easily and with minimum MTD has produced a range of top quality chainsaws all at low prices.

First is the GCS3800/35 Petrol Chainsaw, an ideal and keenly-priced saw for occasional garden use.

MTD GCS3800/35
For occasional use: MTD GCS3800/35 chainsaw

It has a 37.2 cc engine producing 1.6 hp and a manual fuel primer for easy starting and has automatic chain oiling to give it smooth running and a longer life.

It also has an inertia chain brake to stop it should you hit tough, twisted wood which might cause a kick back.

The guide bar is 35 cm long making it suitable for felling small trees and cutting logs and chain tensioning is very simple.

It costs £129, £20 less than the maker’s recommended price and we deliver it free the next working day. Plus there is a two year warranty from MTD.

The MTD GCS4100/40 Petrol Chainsaw with a 40 cm guide bar and a 40 cc engine with an aluminium crankcase. This engine has automatic decompression so that it starts with gentlest pull on the start cord.

It weighs 4.5 kg so it can be used for longer periods, has an automatic chain oiler and a cutter guard to protect the user should the chain come off the guide bar.

It also has a inertia chain brake to stop the machine in the event of a kick back.

It costs £139, £20 less than the recommended retail price and has a two year warranty. Delivery is free and the next working day.

And the top of the range MTD machine is the GCS4600/45 Petrol Chainsaw which has professional features without the price which normally goes with them.

MTD GCS4600-45 chainsaw
Professional machine: MTD GCS 4600/45 chainsaw

This one has a 46 cc, 2.1 hp engine and a larger fuel tank and a 45 cm guide bar. Both guide bar and chain are from leading manufacturer Oregan.

Automatic chain oiling and a chain brake are a feature and a lateral chain tensioner.

It weighs 5.4 kg and has an excellent vibration damping system.

This one costs £149, £30 off the recommended retail price and has a two year warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

Also in the company’s range is the MTD GCS25/30T Top-Handle Petrol Chainsaw, a light machine made to be used withone hand only and intended for experienced operators who need a saw to lop branches.

This one costs £129, £30 off the reco9mmended retail price, with a two year warranty free delivery they next working day.

For a full list of electrical and petrol chainsaws, see these pages.

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