Ten top machines for late summer in the garden

After the recent storms there are still plenty of jobs to do in the garden with lawns to mow, hedges to trim and lawn edges and rougher areas to keep down.

If you have hedges with brambles growing through them they are so prolific this year that you’ll need to cut them out almost once a week.

And lawn edges can easily become untidy and ruin the look of a garden unless you keep them trimmed back to a nice straight edge.

So to make working in the garden in the late summer easier, here are ten top gardening tools to make life easier and to ensure you have a great looking garden if you are planning a party next Bank Holiday weekend.

First on our list of three mowers is a neat little one from Mountfield, hand propelled and made with small to medium lawns in mind.

Mountfield 46 B lawnmower
Great value: Mountfield 46B lawn mower

Still on special offer, the Mountfield 46B Petrol Rotary Hand Propelled Lawnmowerhas a steel deck and a great power unit, a Briggs & Stratton 140 cc engine which starts very easily and has a throttle control so you can speed up the revs when cutting unkempt areas.

It has a cutting width of 18 in – 45 cm – and is a good machine for pushing round the edges of flower beds and garden furniture, larger rear wheels help tjis a lot.

The grass box holds 55 litres and is made using fabric which encourages good air flow and leads to better collection of wet and damp clippings.

Cutting heights are from 25 mm to 70 mm adjusted by a single lever.

This mower costs £199, £100 off the maker’s recommended retail price and there is a two year warranty from Mountfield. We deliver it free the next working day.

This next an is an all-time British favourite, the Hayter Spirit 41 Petrol Autodrive Rear Roller Lawnmower (Code: 619).

This is a British-made mower with a great pedigree and has a full width ribbed rear roller to leave the lawn with neat stripes.

Hayter Harrier 41 petrol autodrive lawnmower
British made: Hayter Spirit 41 petrol autodrive lawnmower

It can cut right down to 13 mm to give a close, neat finish which many people prefer and has a 125 cc Briggs & Stratton engine. It is also fitted with a friction disc to stop the crank bending should you hit a solid object.

The grass box holds 50 litres, the cutting width is 41 cm – 16 in- and cuttings heights go up to 65 mm.

It costs £385 compared with the recommended price of £459 and has a three year warranty from Hayter. We deliver it free the next working day.

And this third mower from the huge selection on our site, the Allett Kensington 17K Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower is the traditional British mower seen puttering along the lawns of the finest gardens in the country.

Allett Kensington mower
Terrific finish: Allett Kensington mower

And it is often the mower of choice for tennis and bowls clubs where a true, tight finish is needed.

It has a Kawasaki 98 cc engine and a large fuel tank to let you mow for longer periods.

The cylinder six-bladed cutting action produces a far more accurate cut and an adjustable rake ahead of the front roller will remove debris like twigs and leaves.

The geared double section rear roller and front roller produces the iconic stripes with cutting heights right down to 6 mm and up to 32 mm and it has a 62 litre grass box.

You can also buy a 10-bladed cutting cylinder for an even smoother finish and the you can also but a separate scarifying cartridge.

It has a two year maker’s warranty and costs £1089, £60 less than the RRP. Delivery the next day is free.

Now here are three grass trimmers and brushcutters – nothing shows off a lawn as well as neat edges.

Einhell GH-PT line trimmer
Trim up: Einhell GH-PT line trimmer

The Einhell GH-PT 2538 AS Petrol Grass Trimmer is a German-engineered machine made for sorting out the lawn edges and longer grass which grows against fence and gate posts and alongside garages and garden fences.

A quick tug is all that is needed to fire up the 25.4 cc 2-stroke engine and a shoulder harness is supplied to make ti more comfortable to use.

The shaft of this machine splits to make it easier to transport and store.

It costs £89.95, £60 less than the maker’s recommended price and we deliver it free the next working day. There is a two year warranty.

The Mountfield MB2802 Two-Stroke Brushcutter is a more versatile machine and capable of dealing with thicker scrub.

Mountfield MB2802 brush cutter
Favourite brand: Mountfield MB2802 brush cutter

Powered by a 25.4 cc two-stroke engine it has a solid drive shaft and as well as a strimming head it has a metal blade for cutting through bramble and the like.

This one has chopper style handlebars and a shoulder harness and also comes with a free safety helmet with visor and ear defenders, a litre of 2-stroke engine oil and a fuel mixing bottle.

There are also special prices on replacement strimming line and work gloves.

It costs £199, £40 odd the recommended retail price, has a two year warranty and free next wor4king day delivery.

And this one is a real tough machine, Japanese made to take on thicker vegetation yet still remarkable light and easy to use.

Tanaka TBC 230D brushcutter
Tough stuff: Tanaka TBC 230D brushcutter

The Tanaka TBC-230D Petrol Brushcutter, currently on special offer, has chopper style handlebars which are usually preferred by professional gardeners and has heavy-duty transmission.

It has both a strimming head and metal blade and is designed with effective vibration damping to make it more comfortable to use over longer periods.

It costs £295 compared with the recommended price of £349 and has a five year warranty. There are special prices son extra strimming line and a safety helmet with visor and ear muffs.

Delivery the next working day is free.

Now here are three hedgecutters across a wide price range.

Einhell BG-PM 2250 hendgcutter
Special offer: Einhell BG-PH petrol hengecutter

The Einhell BG-PH Petrol Hedgecutter has dual-reciprocating blades to give a clean cut which are powered by a 22 cc engine.

This has an electronic ignition and fuel primer for easy starting and a centrifugal clutch.

The blades are 50 cm – 20 in – long and have a tooth spacing of 28 mm so you can tackle thicker stems. It also has an anti-vibration handle.

It costs £119, has a two year warranty and free next working day delivery.

This next one is more powerful and the ideal machine for owners with larger areas of hedging to cut.

Mountfield MHJ2424 hedge trimmer
Bargain buy: Mountfield MHJ2424 hedge trimmer

The Mountfield MHJ2424 Double-Bladed Petrol Hedgetrimmer (61cm Blade), currently on special offer has 61 cm, double-sided blades with 28 mm tooth spacing.

Power is from a 24.5 cc 2-stroke engine and the rear handle has three positions to make it easier to cut hedge sides and tops.

Currently on special offer, you can save £40 on the maker’s recommended price as it costs just £139.95.

It has a one year warranty and we deliver it free the next working day.

And this one is a really powerful machine, often the choice of professional gardeners

TAnaka THT-250S hedge trimmer
Profesional cutter: Tanaka THT-250S hedge trimmer

The Tanaka THT-2520S Hedge Cutter, currently on special offer, has 76 double side-blades and a wide 35 mm tooth spacing to tackle much thicker stems.

It is remarkable light in weight for such a machine weighing only 4.9 kg and it has a rear twist grip handle to make it easier trim back hedge sides and tops.

The engine is 26 cc very easy to start and has the maker’s sound reduction system and is ve3ry easy to start meaning that it will fire up with the lightest pull on the recoil starting cord.

It costs £349, £110 less than the recommended price and has a five year domestic warranty. Delivery the next working day is free.

And finally a machine made to clear large areas of stubborn scrub and weed.

Al-Ko 870 III scythe mower
Tough tasks: Al-Ko 870 III scythe bar mower

The Al-Ko BM 870-III Scythe-Bar Mower has a 148 cc Briggs & Stratton engine to drive the wheels and cutting blades and is fitted with a grass deflector and special vibration damping to make it comfortable to use for longer periods.

You can even buy snow chains and a snow plough to extend the use of this great little machine.

It costs £749 and is delivered it free within two to three working days. There is a two year warranty from Al-Ko.

Today there is a huge range of machinery available to make gardening a more enjoyable experience than it was years ago. Take your time and browse through our site to see just what is available and if you have a particular problem give us a ring on 08454 588905.


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