Experiencing a tropical garden

Experiencing a tropical garden
    Cultivating a tropical garden can certainly take time – Tim Wilmot spent 25 years perfecting his plot in Bristol, which contains a huge range of exotic plants.

Most of us don't have the time and resources available to create such an impressive horticultural masterpiece. And as taking a trip to the Amazon isn't exactly easy, getting a chance to experience this type of gardening can be a challenge.

Fortunately, there are opportunities to visit the jungle without stepping outside of the UK. Mr Wilmot plans to open his garden to the public on September 14th, so you might decide to pay a visit.

Alternatively, other gardens open to the public, such as the Eden project in Cornwall, allow members of the public to enjoy the wonders of the subtropics. 

The Eden Project's rainforest biome is the world's largest in captivity and it has a number of features found in jungles around the world.

There is a waterfall crashing through the South American rainforest, while a Malaysian hut with vegetable plot and paddy field shows how people live in these areas of the world.

A wide variety of vegetation can be found inside the biome – cocoa beans, rubber trees, bananas and nuts and spices are among the plants on display.

Its canopy walkway allows people to walk among the treetops, getting a close-up view of an area normally difficult to see.

However, you might not have to travel far to experience jungle-like temperatures this weekend. The Met Office has issued a heatwave alert for parts of the country this weekend.

In parts of the south-east, temperatures could rise as high as the low 30s Celsius, while at night temperatures could reach a minimum of 20 degrees C. 

Steve Ramsdale, deputy chief Meteorologist at the Met Office, said: "Hot and very humid air coming up from the Spanish plateau will see some particularly high day and night temperatures as we head into the weekend.

"The humidity will make it feel close, muggy and uncomfortable for many in the heat and people should take steps to keep cool – particularly across the areas where we have issued a heat health alert."

The Met Office is urging people to take precautions to ensure they stay safe in the hot weather. 

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