Lightweight multi-tool to tackle a host of gardening tasks

Multi tools are becoming increasingly popular as every section of the garden seems to need attention and here’s a really lightweight introduction which is great value for money.

And here’s a great value-for-money one from Tondu to help you get through all the tasks more quickly.

Tondu TMT26-5 multi cutter
True versatility: Tondu TMT26-5 multi cutter

The Tondu TMT26-5 5-in-1 Multi Cutter has a grass trimming head which automatically feeds out line when it is wanted and is ideal for trimming round lawn edges, trees and garden furniture.

The brush cutting metal blade is strong enough to rip through tougher weeds and brambles and has a cutting width of over 20 cm.

The pruner has a 25.5 cm chainsaw with automatic lubrication for smooth running and can be used to lop branches and is especially useful when combined with the extension shaft to reach higher branches.

And then there’s the hedgecutter which has an adjustable head with 12 settings to help reach difficult corners and decorative tops. Used with the extension shaft it can be used as a long-reach hedge trimmer to cut the tops of hedges more safely than from the top of a ladder.

It comes with a shoulder harness to make it less tiring to use and has a loop handle which makes it easier to get to tight corners.

The recommended retail price for this is £259 but we have it for sale for £195.

There is a two year warranty from the makers and we deliver it free the next working day.

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