Three great deals on Lawnflite log splitters

The latest round of gales has brought down loads more trees and branches and these need sawing up and the thicker branches splitting.

Not many woods can be burned straight after felling and they usually need a year to dry out before putting on the fire or wood stove. The exception to this is ash, which burns really well immediately.

So to take care of splitting woods here are three great deals on Lawnflite log splitters – two of them are new models.

The Lawnflite LS1500E Electric Log Splitter is a simple little machine with a five ton splitting force.

Lawnflite xls1500 log splitter
Easy splitter: Lawnflite xls1500 log splitter

It can take logs 25 cm – 10 in – in diameter and up to 52 cm – 20.5 in – long.

The machine is simplicity itself to use and yet very safe and is powered by a 1500 Watt electric motor which forces logs against the splitting wedge.

A stand is available for this machine if you prefer to work standing up.

It costs £199, £40 less than the maker’s recommended retail price and is delivered free of charge the next working day.

Lawnflite provides a one year warranty.

Next is a recent introduction, the Lawnflite LS2300 7-Ton Electric Log-Splitter, a more powerful machine which can take on difficult-to-split logs which would challenge a well swung axe.

Lawnflite xls2300 log splitter
Great power: xls2300 Lawnflite log splitter

The 2300 Watt motor gives seven tons of splitting power and can cope with logs 52 cm long and 32 cm in diameter.

This has a handle and transport wheels to make it easy to move around. And to make it more comfortable to use an optional stand can be purchased as an optional extra.

The maker’s recommended retail price is £429 but we are selling it for £379. And that includes free next working day delivery and a one year maker’s warranty.

And this next one has the same splitting force but can save you huge amounts of time.

The Lawnflite LS2000DUO 7-Ton Electric Log-Splitter has a unique splitting action

Lawnflite xls2000 log splitter
Faster splitting: Lawnflite xls2000 duo log splitter

with splitting wedges at either end so there is no waiting for the machine to return to its starting position.

It has a 2000 Watt electric motor and can deal with logs up to 38 cm long and is a really sturdy machine. But again if you prefer to work standing up you can buy a stand for it.

Both hands are needed to operate it, a useful safety feature, and it has a handle and transport wheels to make it easy to move around.

It costs £399, £50 less than the recommended price, and has a one year warranty from Lawnflite.

We deliver it free the next working day.

See these pages for a huge selection of log splitters. And we also stock an equally large choice of chainsaws, but if you need advice please ring us on 08454 588905, we’re there to help.




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