Don’t get snowed in this winter: Three great snow blowers at special prices

The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow – so says the old rhyme.
And so it is forecast for next week but exactly how much we shall have is not certain.
The certain thing is that at some time this winter we’ll catch a packet and more organisations seem to be catching on to the fact that it is no longer acceptable just to shut up shop at the first hint of a snow flake.
So to make sure you keep going here are three machines from leading manufacturer Stiga from a simple household model to others for larger areas.

Stiga Electric single stage snow blower
Keep paths clear: Stiga Snow Electric single stage snow blower

The first is the Stiga Snow Electric Single-Stage Snow Blower, ideal for clearing paths and small drives around the house.
This little machine is plugged into the main and started with a push button – it’s as simple as that.
It has a rubbed-bladed auger that clears right down to the surface and is best on asphalt or concrete.
There is a 1800 W motor to drag the snow in and then throw it clear through a chute which can be rotated through 180 degrees.
Although having plenty of power the machine is light enough to hang in the porch ready for action when it’s wanted.
It has a working width of 45 cm and intake height of 25 cm.
The maker’s recommended price is £199 but we have it for sale for £179. It comes with a one year warranty from Stiga and free next working day delivery.

Stiga Snow Patrol snow blower
Bigger areas: Stiga Snow Patrol snow blower

For larger domestic properties with courtyards and drives or for small commercial properties the Stiga Snow Patrol Dual-Stage Snow Blower has the answers.
This one is a dual sage machine with a metal auger first dragging the snow and ice into the machine and then an impellor takes over to blast it clear.
The working width is 55 cm and the intake hood can take 50 cm. And powering it is a 182 cc engine with four forward gears and two reverse.
The chute rotates through 190 degrees and can be adjusted without leaving the driving position. The deflector can also be adjusted from the same position to alter the pitch of the stream.
Skid shoes at the front enable the machine to slide along the surface and can be adjusted depending on the surface being cleared and the depth of the snow.
Chunky tyres give bags of grip.
It costs £599, £80 less than the recommended retail price and there is a one year warranty from Stiga.
Delivery is free the next working day.
And for larger areas the Stiga Snow Blizzard Dual-Stage Petrol Self-Propelled Snow Blower is a real hard wearing piece of kit.
This is one for owners of larger houses, small industrial areas, larger schools or garages.

Stiga Snow Blizzard snow blower
Snow problem: Stiga Snow Blizzard snow blower

A special engine from Briggs & Stratton 249 cc engine powers the machine along through its six forward and two reverse gears and drives the steel auger and powerful impellor.
It has both a recoil start and electric key start.
It has a working width of 69 cm and the hood intake height is 50 cm. And again the front snow skids are adjustable according to the surface and height of snow.
It costs £1499, £200 off Stiga’s recommended retail price. Delivery is free and there is a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
We have a large number of snow clearing machines on our site like this one on special offer and our own MD SnowCAT with caterpillar tracks on this one from MTD are both great value for money.
If you want to know more about snow blowers please give our team a ring on 08454 588905.

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