Ten top machines to keep lawns and paths safe and clear this autumn

The leaf fall has started in earnest with the recent winds and morning frosts and with colder weather forecast for next week the trees, or most of them, will soon be totally bear. They need to be cleared away as on paths and drives they can become slippery and on lawns and flower beds they stop light and moisture getting into the soil. So here are ten top leaf sweepers and vacs to make the chance much easier. Have a look at these top machines, many on special offer and you will find one ideal for your garden. First is the MD Sweep 26 Leaf and lawn Sweeper, a great little top value leaf sweeper which makes the job so much easier.

MD Sweep 26 leaf sweeper
Great machine: MD Sweep 26 leaf sweeper

As you push it along brushes revolve and sweep the leaves and other debris into the catcher at the back which holds 200 litres. Once the catch is full it is simply unhooked and taken through the handlebars of the machine so the contents can be dumped on to the compost heap. It has a working width of 65 cm – 26 in – and has a front adjuster making ti suitable for use on hard surfaces like tennis courts and tarmac drives but also gravel surfaces and above all, lawns. The maker’s recommended price is £179,95 but we have it for sale for only £89.95. There is a two year manufacturer’s guarantee and we deliver it free the next working day. Now an extra lightweight leaf blower but still with great clearing power.

Greenworks cordless leaf blower
Light to use: Greenworks cordless leaf blower

The Greenworks 24v Cordless Two-Speed Leaf Blower (24127A) relies on the latest battery technology which will give 25 minutes continuous use. These latest batteries power up very quickly but won’t lose their power if left in the garage or shed. It can give a blast of air up to 209 km hour, plenty for clearing leaves and twigs from flower beds or solid paths where they can be easily gatherer. It comes with a wall-mounted charger with an indicator to show how much t power the battery has. The battery fits a range of other Greenworks equipment which can be bought at great prices. This Greenworks product costs £89.95, has free next working day delivery and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Here’s one from a top German manufacturing company. The Al-Ko Hurricane 2200E Handheld Electric Blower-Vac has a 2200 Watt electric motor to blow the debris into a pile.

Al-Ko Hurricane leaf blower
German power: Al-Ko Hurricancne 2200E leaf blower

When used as a vac the machine can reduce the leaves and any green debris by 90 per cent of their original volume before packing them into the five litre collection bag. A neat device separates out twigs, acorns, pine cones and the like, into a five litre collector at the base of the machine so they will not damage the impellor. It weighs only 5.1 kg and comes with a wheeled kit so you can use it much as a vacuum cleaner for harder surfaces. It costs only £109, has a two year maker’s warranty and is delivered free the next working day. Now one from another leading German manufacturer and this one is on special offer with £80 off. The Einhell BG-PL 26/1 Petrol Garden Vacuum / Leaf Blower has a number of special features, chief of which a simple switch to let you change from blowing to vac mode in the blink of the eye.

Einhell BG-PL garden vac/blower
German engineering: Einhell BG-PL 26/1 garden vac/blower

As well as delivering a great blast of air this one has a shredding fan which reduces the debris to a tenth its original volume. This means that with a 55 litre collecting bag you can work for much longer without a trip to the compost heap. It is powered by a 25.4 cc engine and has a free wheeled kit worth £12.95 for use when clearing hard surfaces like paths and drives. You also receive free of charge a fuel mixing bottle and oil. You can currently save £80 on the maker’s recommended price s it is on special offer for only £139.95. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year warranty from Einhell. Now here’s one which is exclusive to us at Mowdirect and offering the perfect solution to anyone with a ride-on or garden tractor and a larger area to keep clear. The MD Sweep 38 Tow-behind Lawn & Leaf Sweeper is currently on special offer and can be used on lawns or drives or gravel surfaces behind any ride-on or lawn tractor.

MD Sweep 38
For larger lawns and gardens: MD Sweep 38

It has a working width of 96.5 cm – 38 in – and has 25 cm revolving brushes to sweep leaves and other debris in to the 340 collector. This collector can be emptied without leaving the driving seat greatly speeding up the job. There is a height adjustment lever making to simple to switch from clearing a tarmac drive to the lawn. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty. It costs £169 compared with the recommended retail price of £339.95. How about this machine from Italy, exclusive to Mowdirect with a free shredder vac kit worth £40? The Oleo-Mac BV270 Pro Leaf Blower with Free Vac Kit is on exclusive special offer and has great power with its 30.5 cc engine giving a blast of air at 234 km hour.

Italian made: Oleo-Mac BV270 with free vac kit
Italian made: Oleo-Mac BV270 with free vac kit

The air stream can pick up twigs and pine cones as well as leaves and incorporates a four blade metal impellor to shred to waste. It has a 36 litre collection bag which you attach when using it as a vac and a vac tube, extras which often cost you more but which are included in the price. It costs £199.95 compared with the maker’s recommended retail price of £299.95. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a three year warranty from the manufacturer. Now one which is really powerful and often the choice of the professional gardener.

Kawasaki KRH-300A hand-held leaf blower
Great buy: Kawasaki KRH-300A hand-held leaf blower

The Kawasaki KRH-300A Hand-Held Garden Leaf Blower has a 26.3 cc engine giving  a 241 km hour air stream. It weighs 4.7 kg and is really simple to handle with a leg protector and the throttle switch and on-off switch combined. It costs £269 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £391.20. It is delivered free the next working day and has a the year warranty for professional use and five year for domestic use. Now here’s one ideal for use in larger areas like parks and estate type gardens made with the professional as well as the keen gardener in mind.

Mitos 650 backpack leaf blower
Professionals’ choice: Mitox B650 backpack leaf blower

The Mitox B650 Backpack Leaf Blower is designed for parks and estates and has a 63.3 cc engine giving air speeds up to 331 km hour so it can clear all manner of garden rubbish with ease. This one has a padded shoulder strap and a back support to make it less tiring to use over longer periods. This is further helped by the 1.6 litre fuel tank and its 11 kg weight. It costs £299, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year maker’s warranty. Now a couple of machines which can make clearing up really large areas and are simplicity to use. The Al-Ko 75BA Hurricane Wheeled Vacuum has terrific suction from its 140 cc four stroke engine with a Quick Star System for ease of use and reliability. It is very solidly made and

Al-Ko Wheeled Vac
Wheelie powerful: Al-Ko Hurricane Wheeled Vac

has four suction heights easily adjusted according to the surface being cleared. It has a 200 litre collection bag emptied with the help of a zip and has a 75 cm working width. An optional hose kit costs £120 and lets you get to grips with the flower beds and difficult nooks and crannies. It is delivered free the next working day and has a two year warranty. And it costs £375 compared with Al-Ko’s recommended price of £399. And finally one made for extensive areas like industrial estates, garages and office complexes as well as domestic gardens and drives.

Mountfield pro wheel vacuum
Parks and precincts: Mountfield pro wheeled vacuum

The Mountfield Wheeled Pro Vac with Six-Speed Drive is an amazingly powerful machine at an amazing price with a Briggs & Stratton engine and a terrific turbine giving great suction. It can even pick up cans and bottles making it a truly versatile machine. It has four forward and on reverse gears and a hose can be purchased to make it even more versatile. Solid rubber tyres and a steel chassis make it a strong machine ideal for the commercial user. Plus it has a 260 litre collection bag. It costs £1199, £500 less than the maker’s recommended retail price. It is delivered free within two to three working days and has a one year maker’s warranty. We have a massive range of leaf clearing equipment on our site and remember you can always give us a ring on 08454 588905 is you need advice.

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