Powerful two speed log splitter designed to be a real time-saver

A decent wood fire epitomises winter and with fireworks night passing winter chill has settled in.

If you have your own supply of wood which needs splitting this unique log splitter on special offer will save hours of work swinging an axe.

MD 12 ton log splitter
Fast worker: MD 12 ton log splitter

The MD Pro 12-Ton Quick-Split Petrol Log Splitter – Dual Speed can work through a log pile up to four times faster than a conventional splitter.

It has a two speed cutting action where the splitting wedge moves quickly up to the log and then slows for the splitting action – it can take ten second or even less with short logs.

The machine is solidly made in strong steel and has a rust resistant finish. And the petrol engine gives plenty of hydraulic force – 12 tons or it – to split the wood.

This means that twisted oak and fruit woods can be tackled comfortably, woods which often make lighter-powered models struggle.

Both hands are needed to operate the machine – a useful safety feature – and the front stand flips up to become a tow bar to help you move it around – there is a pin hitch for towing. A lawn tractor or APV can easily tow it.

Buy now and you can save £400 on the maker’s retail price as we have it for sale for just £699.

It is delivered free within two to three working days and there is a two year year maker’s warranty.

We have a huge selection of log splitters on our site as you can see from these pages.


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