Monty Don calls for compulsory gardens

Monty Don calls for compulsory gardens
    Monty Don, television horticulturalist and gardener extraordinaire, has called on the government to make gardens in new builds compulsory.

Mr Don, who was speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, which was covered by the Daily Telegraph, said all Britons should have access to land they can tend.

Currently, there is no requirement for property developers to include space for an allotment or garden and the TV expert's suggestion would be particularly hard to implement in city centres where space is at a premium.

However, it seems the waist-coat wearing gardener has thought of this and has said people with unwanted gardens should give them away to green-fingered enthusiasts without access to the utility.

This would, as you can imagine, be very difficult to put in place properly and it's unclear how many homeowners would be happy to surrender their much loved greenery to a stranger!

Speaking at the launch of his latest book, Mr Don said: "It is a problem. There aren't enough young people coming through, there aren't enough young people working as gardeners. And you need to get people interested.

"It’s very easy to get people interested in primary school but by the time someone's 13 or 14, they don't want to be thought of as a kid. Nobody is going to get interested in gardening by reading books and learning Latin names."

Even though some people are sceptical as to whether Mr Don's plans will work, here at MowDIRECT we fully back the plans as any opportunity to increase the number of lawns to be mowed makes us happy!

Imagine city air in the morning being filled with the smell of tulips and freshly cut grass instead of pollution and cigarette smoke!

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