New report to leverage horticulture spending

New report to leverage horticulture spending
    A new report has been announced by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) that is hoped to leverage spending in the nation's horticulture and agriculture industries. 

Entitled Feeding the Future, the study will look into how these professions can help to meet the UK's food demands between now and 2030. 

It is also the aim of the research to help the industry address the challenges set out in the government's foresight report into the future of food and farming, which was published back in January 2011.

David Alvis, lead specialist for the Sustainable Agriculture & Food Innovation Platform at the TSB, said the very creation and delivery of this report already represents a start on gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the nation's future food requirements. 

"The eight 'priority' areas identified – and the 'key recommendations' that support them – will better inform future decision-making with regards to the effective and coordinated deployment of resources," he remarked. 

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