Free safety helmet, visor and ear muffs with Mountfield brush cutters

Some of you may well remember hacking down long grasses on paths and around trees with a bill hook, but today all that hard, sweltering work has been taken away with modern brush cutters.
Mountfield is one of the country’s favourite gardening machinery brands and at the moment there is an added incentive to buy as there is a safety helmet complete with ear muffs and visor absolutely free.
There is a very full range of brushcutters from this company and here are two to consider. See the special pages on our site for the full list.

Mountfield MB2801J brushcutter
Free helmet: Mountfield MB 2801J
The Mountfield MB2801J Two-Stroke Brushcutter has the maker’s own 25.4 cc engine powering a three-toothed metal blade and line strimming head.
It is simple to use with a loop handle and a shoulder harness and the shaft splits in two so that it can be used with other attachments like hedge trimmer and pruner.
This one costs £169 – Mountfield’s recommended price is £199. There is a two year manufacturer’s warranty and free next working day delivery.
You can buy engine oil, a mixing bottle, replacement trimming line and work gloves all at special prices as well as the articulated hedge trimmer and pruner attachment.
This is just one of Mountfield’s two-stroke brushcutters but the company also makes four-stroke ones which while equal in power and lighter than previous four-stroke models have fewer harmful emissions and are therefore more pleasant to use.
Mountfield MB 4251 brushcutter
Fewer emissions: Mountfield brushcutter
And they too have the free safety helmet,visor and ear muffs, really useful safety accessories.
For instance the Mountfield MB4251 Four-Stroke Brushcutter has a 25 cc Honda engine to drive either a metal blade with four teeth for slashing through thicker scrub or a strimming head which has a Tap ‘n’ Go head for feeding out more nylon line when needed.
This machine is really comfortable to use with its loop handle and shoulder strap and has an aluminium shaft for a longer life and to keep the weight down.
The maker’s recommended retail price for this model is £409 but we have it for sale for just £329.
As well as the free helmet, ear muffs and visor there are special spare nylon line, and work gloves.
This one has a five year manufacturer’s warranty and free next working day delivery.

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