Three great new mowers from German manufacturers Al-Ko

The German engineering company Al-Ko manufacturers excellent garden equipment and three new mowers have just come on to the market.
The Al-Ko 473P Highline 4-in-1 Petrol Lawn Mower Push

Al-Ko 473p lawn mower
Versatile: Al-Ko 473p lawn mower
offers four ways of dealing with the cuttings, either discharging to the side or back, mulching and returning to the lawn or collecting and disposing on the compost heap.
The machine has been designed so that it is simple to change between these functions making it truly versatile for a garden with various sorts of lawn and grass to control.
Being a push machine it is easier to move around tight areas around flower beds and sharply turning paths.
The steel cutting deck has been designed with deep dome making grass collection highly effective even when it’s wet.
The power comes from a Briggs & Stratton 140 cc engine and there is a 46 cm cutting width making it the ideal machine for medium sized lawns. Cutting heights range from 30 to 80 mm through seven stages.
This mower costs £339, £20 less than the maker’s recommended price. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
The Al-Ko 473SP Highline 4-in-1 Petrol Lawn Mower
Al-Ko 473 highline patrol mower
Great machine: Self-propelled: Al-Ko 473 sp lawnmower
is a self-propelled version of the previous model with a 46 cm cut and 140 cc Briggs & Stratton engine giving low fuel consumption and great reliability.
This one too has the four ways of dealing with the clippings – the side discharge mode is particularly useful for cutting longer grass which is left in neat lines and makes mowing easier.
The deck makes sure few if any clippings are left when in collect mode using the 70 litre grass box.
And the cutting heights from between 30 mm and 80 mm mean you can mow all sort of grass.
This mower costs £409, £20 less than the maker’s recommended retail price.
There is a two year manufacturer’s guarantee and free delivery the next working day.
And the third new machine in this range is the Al-Ko 473VS Highline 4-in-1 Petrol Lawn Mower
Al-Ko 473 vs petrol lawn mower
Speed control: Al-Ko 473 vs petrol lawn mower
This one has the great advantage of being able to slow down going round the tighter areas and can speed up when cutting in straight lines. You can also slow down when the grass gets a bit thicker or longer to give a more even finish.
It has the same cutting options and the same high rise wheels for better manoeuvrability especially when cutting larger grass.
This one has a 190 cc Briggs & Stratton engine which is especially easy to start and lubrication systems designed to give years of use.
A similar domed mower deck gives great air flow and assists with grass collection even when wet. The grass box has been designed to be easy to fit and has an indicator to show when it’s full.
The 46 cm cutting width makes it ideal for a medium sized lawn, say about the size of a tennis court.
It costs £465, over £20 less than the maker’s recommended price, has next day free delivery and a two year warranty from Al-Ko.
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