Let the robot do the mowing this summer

The year 2013 will probably be remembered for the most bitter Spring in history.
It will also go down in history as the year of the robot.
The new automated mowers now employ more advanced technology and have been developed to give a much smoother cut to the lawn and are a very real alternative to using a ride-on mower.
The Daily Telegraph’s gardening section has highlighted the rise of the robot and singled out one from Robomow as the best for larger lawns and rougher areas.
Indeed, Robomow’s own test area in Lincolnshire has illustrated this by letting their RS630 model loose in a field which was previously grazed by horses and seen it transformed into a large lawn to please any gardener.

Robomow RS 630 robotic mower
Really large areas: Robomow RS 630
Mowdirect stocks a wide range of robotic mowers from Robomow and even has a small one trundling round the showrooms!
The Robomow RS630 is designed to mow really large areas – up to the size of 12 tennis courts – and is simplicity itself to install.
First peg down the base station, the robot’s ‘home’ to which it returns when it needs to re-charge itself or if it starts to rain.
Once a cable has been run to the nearest supply – it just plugs in so no re-wiring required – the perimeter wire is simply pegged out around the borders.
A special ruler is supplied so you know exactly how close you can go to garden paths and other flower beds.
The wire doesn’t need letting into the turf, just secure it with the pegs provided and after a couple of weeks it will become absorbed into the surface.
The machine can be programme to cut when you want it to, will switch itself off if it is tiled or turned over and has a pin code which you need to start it so it will be useless if anyone steals it.
The blades mulch the clippings so they are absorbed into the lawn as a fertilizer and will last two summers. And they are very simply replaced.
And this mower cuts right up to the edges as the cutting blades are concealed inside the body on the machine.
It costs £2499 and is delivered free the next working day with a two year manufacturer’s warranty. It also comes with full instructions and a video demonstrating the installation.
See our special pages for the rull range of Robomow robotic mowers with one for every size of lawn.

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