Soil ‘needs to be kept healthy in winter’

Winter can be a testing time for green-fingered enthusiasts – as the range of tasks they can do can be quite limited.

Indeed, the work that does need to be done might not be the most fun a gardener can possibly have – but it remains important to ensure that a green space is kept in good shape.

This is particularly the case when it comes to soil. If the condition of a garden’s soil starts to deteriorate, then the knock-on impact can be quite devastating.

In order to conserve sufficient moisture in the soil throughout the colder winter months, it may be advisable to look into mulching.

This involves placing a fine layer of garden waste over the soil – usually around plants that also need protection in the harsher climes.

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In an article for the Guardian, former presenter of the Gardeners’ World television show and garden writer Alys Fowler recommended manure as another strong option for protecting soil.

“Manures are one of the best ways to keep soil in good health,” the expert commented.

She added: “Organic waste is rich in nutrients that are lost every time you harvest a crop.

“Adding manure naturally fortifies soil, releasing nutrients slowly and improving texture and structure,” Ms Fowler continued, adding: “Spread on well-rotted manure now and your soil is set for the summer.”

She singled out horse manure as the strongest option, with chicken manure being useful for those who keep them, as it is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus.

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