Generators to keep you going when the lights go out

It’s not only the snow and ice we need worry about during winter but the raking cold winds which can play hell with the electricity supply.
This is especially true in rural areas where overhead lines are easily brought down by falling trees and branches.
Not only is normal life severely disrupted but, with many people working from home, commercial life can be badly hit as computers can’t be used.

Loncin LC5200 F generator
Great machine: Loncin LC5200 F generator
Stand-by generators can make life much easier and a Chinese manufacturer, Loncin, has six different models to choose from with a machine to suit everyone from domestic households to small businesses.
Loncin LC2500-F, a generator powerful enough to run basic domestic equipment like a fridge and lights and perfect for powering some workshop tools.
The engine is a single cylinder 4-stroke one, 196 cc, and with an output of KW to a maximum of 2.2 KW.
The fuel tank has a capacity of 18 litres to keep the generator running for 15 hours.
There are two power sockets on the machine, one 16 amp and one 32 amp, but it is good practice to use a surge protector.
It costs £299 compared with the recommended price of £398 and is delivered free the next working day with a two year maker’s guarantee.
A more power generator is the Loncin LC5000-F giving 4 KW power and a maximum level of 4.5KW.
This one can be used for powering fridges and freezers TV and radio but is powerful enough for use on building sites as it can power cement mixers, hammer drills and other equipment.
It would also be ideal for the allotment holder who needs power for hedge trimmers or could be used for pressure washers.
Loncin’s 337 cc engine at the heart of the machine is quiet in running and the 25 litre fuel tank will keep it going for ten hours. Both electric start and recoil are featured on this machine.
And there is a safety system to prevent damage should the engine become overheated.
The voltage outputs are 110, 220,230 240 are available and it is fitted with a voltage regulator. But televisions and computers should be safeguarded by a surge protector.
This one is priced at £539 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £713 plus there is free next working day delivery and a two year maker’s warranty.
Loncin LC8000 F generator
True power: Loncin LC8000 F generator
And the Loncin LC8000-F Generator is a tough machine producing 6.5 to 7 KW of power with a rugged design for use with larger industrial equipment.
It has a run time of eight hours on a fuel tank which can hold 25 litres and generates 6 to 6.5 KW with voltages from110 to 240. There are several sockets including 16 amp and 32 amp. And automatic voltage regulation is included.
The single cylinder 420 cc engine is quite and uses little fuel. And the generator is remarkably quiet in use. Both electric and recoil starts are fitted and handles make it easy to move it around.
This one costs £749 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £994, has a two year maker’s warranty and comes with free next working day delivery.
Loncin inverter generator
Stand by: Loncin inverter generator
And finally one no bigger than a suitcase which can fit in the boot of the car and is ideal for camping as well as emergency use when the lights go out.
The heart of the Loncin LC2000i is the inverter which replaces the normal alternator and isolates the voltage output from the engine speed to give a consistent power output.
So the generator is better placed to power laptops and televisions which can be affected by spikes in power.
The 79 cc engine has an eco throttle to vary the revs according to the power required.
It will give 1.65 KW of power and lessens fuel consumption by 25 per cent. And will run for seven hours on a full tank of fuel.
It costs £549, the maker’s recommended price is £749, comes delivered free the next working day and with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
See the Loncin web pages for their full range of products.
And remember to check the wattage requirements of all the equipment you intend to power to make sure you buy the right machine.

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