Robust and sturdy leaf sweeper designed to last

The weekend’s filthy weather has really sent the leaves tumbling and while they might inspire poets and songwriters they’re a nuisance to gardeners.
They need to be cleared up as quickly as you can as they can stop moisture and nutrients and sunlight reaching the soil and here’s a sturdy machine which will do the trick.

MD Sweep 26 – Just £89.95!

The MD Sweep 26 Lawn and Leaf Sweeper is a really sturdy machine with metal handles and frame, much more sturdy than some plastic models, and a really efficient sweeping mechanism.
It is simple to push along and perfect for the small to medium sized lawn.
Each time the wheels turn the brushes revolve 4.5 times to sweep leaves and other small debris into the catcher at the back.
The collector can hold 200 litres and is easily emptied by removing two simple clips and carrying it to the compost heap.
Made to last year after year this neat little machine will save you hours of hard work with a rake.
The manufacturer’s recommended price for this machine is £179.95 but we have it for sale for £89.95. Plus there is a two year maker’s guarantee and free next working day delivery.
If you think you need a blower or leaf vac have a look at the special pages on our site or call our team on 08454 588905.

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