Gardening in autumn ‘is about preparing for winter’

Although the summer sun has very much given way to colder conditions, there is still plenty of work for green-fingered enthusiasts to be getting on with.

Indeed, there are so many tasks that it is important to ensure that any action is focused with a particular goal in mind.

Barry Burrows, spokesman for tailored gardening website Bartholomew Landscaping, claimed that planning ahead should be made a top priority at this time of year.

He explained that a great deal of gardening in the autumn is all about planning ahead for the winter.

However, the expert did acknowledge that if there are any last few warm days, then it is well worth eking out the summer tasks.

Indeed, it could be a positive move to take advantage of a warm day to give a lawn a once-over with a mower.

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It is important to not shave the grass too short at this time of year, as it really benefits from the extra length in the colder climate.

Mr Burrows said that the importance of regularly collecting fallen leaves and compost cannot be overstated – as these leaves can kill lawns and even stain paving if they are left lying around on the ground.

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"Be particularly careful if you have unsealed sandstone or limestone paving as the tannins in oak leaves can cause dark stains," Mr Burrows remarked.

"Tender plants and hardy perennials need bringing in, sheltering or covering up soon," the expert continued, adding: "Once the cold gets them then it's either the end or a long road back, so don't take chances."

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