Brush cutters from top manufacturer with free safety helmet

A good brush cutter is worth its weight in gold especially at this time of the year when straggling weeds and brambles tend to clog paths and the bottoms of hedges.
Sanli produces some of the best on the market and two machines currently on special offer have free safety equipment and other special offers.

Sanli brush cutter
Hard worker: Sanli brush cutter
The Sanli GTS33 Petrol Brushcutter is a very robust machine made for challenging tasks with a 32.6 cc engine designed to use less fuel than many other models.
It is easy to start thanks to a fuel primer.
It has both a strimming head with a bump feed to save stopping and feeding out more line by hand and a three toothed metal blade for thick undergrowth.
With handlebars to give better control and being perfectly balanced it is less tiring to use.
Throttle and other controls are on the right hand handlebar for easier control.
A back pack harness spreads the weight and makes it possible to use it over longer periods.
Currently this machine has a free safety helmet with visor and ear muffs worth £25, plus special prices on replacement line two stroke oil.
It costs £149 compared with the maker’s recommended retail price of £219, delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
Sanli brush cutter
Tough tasks: Sanli brush cutter
The Sanli GTS43 Petrol Brushcutter is designed for people with a larger garden to maintain or for the jobbing gardener.
This model has been designed to rip through heavier undergrowth with a 42.7 cc engine which gives more power than many other machines in its class.
It is quiet in running and has a very low vibration level making it suitable for longer working.
It has a line strimming head with bump feed and a three toothed metal blade for hacking down the tougher areas.
Bicycle style handlebars and a back pack harness make it easier to use over long periods.
It has an automatic clutch to give a smooth cut and to prevent the machine from stalling and will not engage the head until the throttle trigger is pulled.
This brush cutter is a real workhorse and comes with free safety helmet, visor and ear muffs worth £25.
There are also special prices on spare strimming line and engine oil when you buy this model.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year maker’s guarantee.
It costs £179 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £229.
Don’t forget to keep the lawns and hedges tidy – there will be plenty of growth after the warm weekend and promised rain to come.

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