Field mowers designed to hack down the garden overgrowth

Take a look at those hidden corners around orchards and paddocks or even the bit at the bottom of the garden you’ve been avoiding and you’ll realise that a field mower is really the only machine which can tackle the thick nettles and brambles.
The old-fashioned wheeled scythes were at one time the only piece of garden machinery available which were man enough for such tasks but now the gardener, both amateur and professional, has a much bigger armoury to choose from.
So here we list ten top field mowers for you to consider when you decide to tackle the hidden corners you’d rather forget about.

MD wheel trimmer
MD wheel trimmer

First is our own MD 22P Wheeled Trimmer Mower, a great little push-along machine which has the clout to rip through really heave overgrowth.
It is a push along machine with a 160 cc easy to start engine which drives the trimming head.
Light and easy to push along its design means you can go it into awkward corners where bigger machines would struggle.
It can handle banks and verges where bigger machines would struggle as well and should you happen to strike a discarded brick or rock the strimming line will just clean around it.
It has a working width of 56 cm and the cutting height is adjustable between 35 and 70 cm.
Exclusive to Mowdirect, this machine is just £299 and is delivered free the next working day. There is a two-year maker’s warranty.

Efco Rough Grass Trimmer

The Efco DR51-S6 Wheeled Brushcutter has a design that makes it easier working in rough areas.
The engine is a reliable and easy to start Subaru 189cc and enables this model to be used on rough terrain.
It has front castor-wheels to make it easy to steer. The debris is discharged at the side through a chute which is hinged so it is easy to clear should you get a blockage.
The cutting heights are controlled by a handle mounted lever, and this machine has a three years manufacturer’s warranty.
Delivery is free the next working day and it costs £899, £90 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price.

Al-Ko scythe bar mower
Al-Ko scythe bar mower

A more traditional machine is the Al-Ko BM875II Scythe Bar Mower.
It comes delivered assembled and ready to go and has undergone a full pre-delivery inspection – there is normally a £90 inspection charge for this.
Perfect for smaller meadows this machine is really sturdy and comes from one of the top manufacturers.
It has a 5 hp engine and the cutting bar is 87 cm wide.
The single track wheels are perfect for dealing with rougher areas.
There is a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty and free delivery within two to three-five working days.
This machine costs £799.


DR-Pro wheeled trimmer
DR-Pro wheeled trimmer

The DR Pro-XL TRM675SN Self-Propelled Wheeled Trimmer Mower has an Electric Start and is made to deal with overgrown shrub over larger areas.
It has large wheels which are self-propelled and made to tackle uneven areas and banks and ditches.
It has a Briggs & Stratton 6.75 Quantum engine which delivers bags of power and the electric start is a real plus.
There is a cast aluminium transmission housing which is sealed and self-lubricating so maintenance and adjustments should never be needed. And the frame is made from sturdy steel.
The cutter head has six positions and there is a blade attachment which will deal with stems up to three inches thick and a bulb planter kit as well. Plus special offers on spare strimming line.
The price on this machine was £1158.41 but we have it for sale for £899 including free delivery.

Bertolini scythe mower
Bertolini scythe mower

A stronger machine from a well-known Italian manufacturer is the Bertolini 401s Scythe Mower Honda Engine which is currently on special offer.
This has a wide 95 cm cutting blade made to cut through really dense areas of brush and brambles.
A really powerful 4.8 hp Honda engine is at its heart with the gears are sealed in an oil bath.
This has a very useful reverse gear to get out of impenetrable areas and it is easy to drive thanks to adjustable handlebars.
Anti-vibration measures make it comfortable to use over longer periods.
It comes with a scythe bar but there are several other attachments which are easy to fit and made this a really handy machine to own.
It costs £1899, and that’s over £170off the manufacturer’s recommended price. Delivery is free.

This next one is a cleverly designed machine to hack through large areas of heavily overgrown brush and shrub.

DR all terrain mower
DR all terrain mower

The DR FBM-26 K All-Terrain Field & Brush Mower with a 15 HP Kawasaki engine is really solid and designed to deliver plenty of power to help you cut down even young saplings.
The wheels are powered by a five-speed gearbox – four forward and one reverse – and there is a differential lock.
The 66 cm cutter deck pivots 12 degrees so that the machine can track uneven ground – a great advantage when faced with rough areas.
The wheels have a deep tread for when the going gets tough.
This mower costs £2549 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended £2699.
There is a two year home use warranty, one year for commercial use and delivery is free.

DR field mower
DR field mower

Now for another from the same manufacturer, the DR FBM Premier 12.5HP Field & Brush Mower with terrific power engineered for a long life.
This one can cut through saplings up to two inches thick and can deal with weeds up to eight feet in height and four feet high grass.
It is powered by a 12.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine and has four forward and one reverse gears.
Really heavy tyres and a commercial clutch means it can deal with the most challenging conditions even when it’s muddy.
This DR model costs £1699, £100 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Delivery is free.
And now a commercial machine from Italian manufacturer Bertolini, an amzing piece of gardening equipment which is a favourite with horticulturalists as it is so versatile.

Bertolini two wheeled tractor
Bertolini two wheeled tractor

The Bertolini 411/10 Professional Two Wheel Tractor can be fitted with scythe bars a flail mower and different cutter decks.
As a field mower it is an awesome machine in its own right but it really scores as it has so many uses it can be used throughout the whole year.
For instance there is a tiller, ploughs and ridge ploughs. The you can use it for sweeping leaves in the autumn and clearing snow in winter.
You can even get a trailer which turns it into a ride on machine.
All the attachments can be fitted without tools thanks to a QuickFit coupling system.
There is a seven speed gear box and full anti-vibration system.
This one costs £1999, over £570 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Delivery is free to the UK mainland.

Efco Tuareg garden tractor
Efco Tuareg garden tractor

And finally there is an all-purpose tractor from a top manufacturer.
The Efco Tuareg 92 Professional All-Terrain Garden Tractor is an extremely robust commercial tractor made to cope with everything the professional could throw at it.
It has a locking diff to give extra traction when it is needed and a low centre of gravity for added safety.
There is a roll bar and side impact guard and seat belts for safety and a 570 cc Brigg & Stratton engine gives huge amount of power.
A swing-tip rotary blade will let you mow through the roughest areas and there is a central cutting height control.
This really top quality machine costs £4995 and that’s an enormous £1100 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.
There is a free maker’s two year warranty and delivery is also free within three to five working days.
If you’ve ever tried hacking through wilder areas with an old-fashioned scythe you’ll understand the benefits of these field mowers and why they are becoming increasingly popular.
Keep an eye on our site for the latest developments in garden machinery which will save you loads of valuable time.

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