Soil cultivation ‘essential in droughts’

Soil cultivation is an essential consideration for gardeners who are looking to protect their outdoor spaces from drought conditions.

Those who wish to take advantage of this solution are advised to dig in large amounts of organic matter, such as garden manure or compost.

This can help to protect the structure of the soil and will ensure the plants are able to retain water, in addition to evenly distributing water around the treated area.

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Horticultural adviser for the Royal Horticultural Society Guy Barter asserted his organisation has received many enquiries relating to concern over changing environmental conditions.

However, he asserted there are still more activities a savvy gardener can undertake if they wish to avoid being adversely affected by the situation.

For instance, it is also important green-fingered individuals ensure they have selected the right plant for the soil they are using in the first place, as it needs to be tolerant to all the climate conditions it is likely to be exposed to.

Choosing suitable soil can also ensure the growth remains durable and resistant to pests and diseases.

"Of course gardeners in north England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at the moment don't normally suffer from bad droughts," Mr Barter acknowledged.

"But by following our suggestions they will not only be following good gardening practice but also will be preparing for the occasional very dry summers. Improving the soil is especially important, as this also helps good drainage too," the expert continued.

Spiking and feeding a lawn was also suggested, as this can also help plants afflicted by unfavourable conditions recover in the long term.

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