Three machines to beat the predicted heavy snow falls

The met men have predicted more snow over the next couple of days and through the weekend and a snow blower could well be the way to keep your homes and businesses free from the pesky stuff when it arrives.
A wide range of snow blowers are listed on the special pages on our site and here are three of the best for you to consider.

Stiga single stage snow blower
Stiga single stage snow blower
The Stiga Snow Electric Single-Stage Snow Blower is a Swedish machine, electrically powered so you can just plug in and go and is suitable for most small and medium sized houses and drives.
It has a rubber-bladed auger which can clear ‘back to black’ – back to the surface you are clearing.
As the auger revolves it moves the machine forward, the snow is propelled upwards and out through a tough chute which can be rotated through 180 degrees. You can control this by a lever on the handle.
The Stiga can cope with falls up to 25 cm deep and has a working width of 45 cm.
The cost is £179, £20 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price and there is free next working day delivery.
WOLF-Garten snow blower
WOLF-Garten snow blower
If you need a heavier duty machine then the WOLF-Garten Select SF 56 Dual-Stage Petrol Powered Snow Blower should be on your short list.
An easy to start petrol engine gives all the power needed to drive both the wheel and the snow blowing mechanism.
Dual stage means the snow and ice is first broken down by steel augurs and is then thrown through the shoot with an impellor.
Perfect for clearing longer paths and drives it has a working width of 56 cm and can deal with snow falls up to 41 cm.
The snow intake height is adjustable via snow skids fitted on the front which enable the machine to slide forwards and means you can clear gravel drives.
The chute will rotate through 180 degrees and the pitch is also adjustable.
It has pneumatic tyres which make it easy to drive over rougher or slippery ground.
This model costs £599, a full £100 off the manufacturer’s recommended price, comes with free next working day delivery and a one year guarantee.
McCulloch two stage snow blower
McCulloch two stage snow blower
And for a real workhorse there is the McCulloch two-stage petrol snow blower, a heavier duty machine which can deal with long drives and forecourts and large parking areas.
An easy-to-start Briggs & Stratton engine drives a steel auger and a powerful impellor to throw the snow through a 180 degree rotating chute.
It has a reverse gear which can be useful in sticky situations and can help manoeuvrability.
Very heavy duty tyres make it suitable for challenging terrain and there adjustable skids to vary the height depending on the depth of snow.
This machine is priced at £1099, £200 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price, comes with free next working day delivery and a one year guarantee.

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