More Brits set to pick up garden tools in April

More Brits set to pick up garden tools in April
    It is hoped more Brits than ever before will gain a newfound enthusiasm for getting to work outdoors with garden tools in April.

This is because the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is set to host the first ever National Gardening Week from the 16th to the 22nd of the month.

In order to further promote the success of the occasion, the Britain in Bloom campaign is calling for volunteers to take part in community events during the prior weekend – April 14th to the 15th.

Among the tasks that could be asked of people participating in such work could be taking to the communities plants with hedgetrimmers and hedgecutters.

Ideas are expected to be triggered as a result of the initiative and it is expected momentum will be increased in the uptake of gardening activities by communities, schools and other organisations.

The RHS's advisory service will open its doors and provide assistance with any gardening enquiries at the opening of the National Gardening Week on April 16th.

Encouraging children to get outdoors and be creative with plants will be the focus of the final weekday of the event April 20th.

"There are more exciting plans in the pipeline, which we'll be announcing in the lead up to the week. In the meantime I hope that people get in touch to share how they want to celebrate the week or get involved with our activities," explained director-general of the RHS Sue Biggs.

"We want thousands and thousands of people to get on board and start planning now," she continued, suggesting this will make it possible for the nation as a whole to get the most out of the experience.

People looking to follow the latest gardening trends in advance of the week may wish to consider allowing wall climbers to grow at the front of their home and maintain them with tree pruners, as Alan Titchmarsh said this will be fashionable in 2012.

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