Winter arrives with an icy blast from the east

Just as we breathed half a sigh of relief that we had escaped a bitter winter the wind went round to the east and we all reached for an extra sweater.
Paths became icy and many roads had their first covering of snow. And to keep roadways and drives and safe to use we need a proper treatment to keep the ice at bay.

Winter snow and ice treatment package
Winter snow and ice treatment package
Businesses need to be particularly careful and so we have produced the perfect package to carry on working through the freeze.
Our Winter Snow & Ice Treatment Package consists of our own walk behind spreader, ten bags of magic ice melt and for when it gets really rough a large Canadian ice shovel.
Brought individually these would cost £364.95 but as a package they price is only £299, a saving of over £65.
The MD80P Walk-Behind spreader can carry 80 lb of ice melt and is ideal for car parks and yards or private drives and paths. The flow rate is easily adjustable and the spreading width is three metres.
The magic ice melt is widely used by airports, is non toxic and biodegradable and far more effective than conventional rock salt.
But for when the snow does start with a vengeance you really need a snow blower to clear paths and forecourts and drives. See our site for a comprehensive selection suitable for industrial, retail and local authority use.
And for the home owner there is a simple machine to clean paths and drives and save back ache.
The Stiga Electric Single-Stage Snow Blower available for only £179, £20 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price, is a simply machine with a rubber bladed auger to clear right down to the ground.
The snow is thrown out through a strong chute which you can rotate through 180 degrees.
It clears to a width of 45 cm and can cope with snow 25 deep, making it a perfect machine for paths and drives.

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