Prune and protect plants as a top garden task in February

Prune and protect plants as a top garden task in February
    February can be one of the most difficult times of year for gardeners, as it can be tough predicting how the weather will make its impact felt on any plans.

However, there are still a wide range of tasks to undertake as the cold winter temperatures ease up and spring is around the corner.

If conditions are not too wet, it may be a good idea to start tending to green areas with a lawn mower toward the end of the month. This has the benefit of both deterring weeds and encouraging the development of lush, healthy-looking grass.

It is recommended this is done once a week in the early part of the year and increased to twice a week when growth becomes more vigorous. If conditions heat up, it is best to allow the grass to become a little longer, as it will stay bright and green in warmer temperatures.

Those who intend to prepare for this job early on in the month could maintain their mower to ensure the tool is up to the task at hand. Taking the machine apart and cleaning the components is involved, so the owners' manual should always be consulted first.

Pruning is also necessary for many plants throughout February, which is particularly the case for conservatory climbers and winter-flowering shrubs that have finished blossoming.

This will improve the shape of a plant and can encourage further growth of fruit and flowers, in addition to reducing the risk of diseases spreading between plants.

Individuals who wish to take this action in their garden may wish to browse MowDIRECT's range of long-handled tree pruners, which are particularly useful for climbers as the task can be completed from the security of the ground.

Indeed, this could be an increasingly popular garden tool, as the Royal Horticultural Society reports one of the most common enquiries it received throughout 2011 was how to get hold of long-handled clippers to see to fruit trees. This is particularly significant as the charity received a record breaking number of enquiries – over 60,000 – during the 12 month period.

Smaller natural life can be seen to with cordless secateurs, which can be used to trim large leaves from stems and can help the plant grow more vigorously.

Protection of plants may also be advisable, especially if anticipated spells of frost break out. One way in which this can effectively be achieved is by covering areas of soil with a layer of mulch.

MowDIRECT has a wide range of chippers and shredders that may be ideal for this, as many of them are capable of recycling garden waste into this valuable substance. The Garden Centre stated this will be very beneficial to the more tender trees and shrubs and is worth doing just in case temperatures do not yet begin to rise.

Another duty for gardeners is to ensure flowerbeds are cleared of leaves, as plants such as snowdrops could begin to blossom this month. Areas where leaves have fallen more heavily could easily be cleared with vacuums and blowers, many of which are included in the MowDIRECT clearance sale.

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