Quality chainsaws to handle even the toughest job

Efco chainsaws run on low-emission engines, which are kinder to the environment, plus they are bound to last the distance thanks to their three year guarantee. These are quality chainsaws that are both easy to use and simple to maintain, so gardeners can get tough jobs done in less time.

The Efco 136 Multi-Purpose Petrol Chainsaw is the ideal tool for home users who need to chop small and medium sized logs quickly and with minimum effort, and at just £179 MowDirect is offering unbeatable prices.

Gardeners who need to undertake heavy duty work, such as felling trees and cutting back thick branches, may want to take a look at the Efco 152 Multi-Purpose Petrol Chainsaw.

With a 51.7 cc two stroke engine, the Efco 152 chainsaw can handle even the toughest cutting jobs with ease.

It has an 18 inch guide bar to cut through even large logs quickly and despite its size, it is still light and therefore easy to handle.

No matter what the job, MowDirect has the best deals on the highest quality chainsaws.

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