Black Friday: Eight top garden bargains you must not miss

Dick Roberts

Norfolk journalist and countryman, now retired from daily newspaper life but still commentating and writing. Keen gardener, when dodgy back allows, and devout researcher of local ales and French wines. Married with two children who have flown the nest, but return regularly to empty the fridge. Living in listed country cottage which gets more expensive by the year to maintain. Retired but still writing regular columns and pieces for web sites.
It’s Black Friday here at Mowdirect, with discounted prices on 30 products you can see on these pages and to whet your appetite here are eight top deals, so read on to see great bargains on garden machinery. You will save yourselves a packet as most of these will not be repeated and manufacturer’s are … Continued

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Top Autumn Deal – You Won’t Find a Tougher Tiller at This Price

As my regular reader will know, (hello Mum) I usually start my blogs with some witty story or social comment, appertaining to the subject only in a lateral sense, rambling on with the occasional Bon Mot, eventually leading to my actual purpose – to tell you about our good deals. Not this time. (See what … Continued

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Autumn Preview – Exciting New Products Are On Their Way

As Summer rings its bell, starts to put chairs on the unoccupied tables and tells punters in a loud voice ‘Last orders ladies and gentlemen please’, we have nipped outside, looked at the sky and decided it’s time to get in early for the next shift. As Sean Bean may have said in an earlier … Continued

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Chipperfield Pro Garden Tools – Highly Affordable and Just The Job

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Our New Ride-on Mower for under £1000

Sleek, powerful, compact and cheap to run with a comfortably padded seat…but enough about me. I’m actually here to celebrate and present our new Racing Ride-on mower. We are incredibly proud of this groundbreaking machine, as it is something of a fabulous beast, mythical and rare, like the unicorn, the minotaur and a passport control … Continued

Look After Your New or Old Mower with a Protective Cover from Accessory Experts JR

You may be planning to buy a shiny new mower. You may well have bought one already. Great. Ride-on? Walk-Behind? Petrol powered? Battery? Lovely. Have you bought a cover? No? What? If you spent a fortune on a lovely car, let’s say an Aston Marten Vantage (sorry, had to stop there to wipe away some … Continued