Make The Most of the Bank Holiday. Sample Our Hot New Range of High-Quality Outdoor Cooking Gear.

Yes. It’s official. The time for sizzling sausages, luscious lamb, beefy burgers and totally ignored salads is upon us. Sunny or not, the temperatures are up, the rain is staying away and barbecue adverts are dominating primetime television. To be honest, the weather is not even necessarily a factor these days as more and more … Continued

Chipperfield Pro Garden Tools – Highly Affordable and Just The Job

Hey you. Look. Look out of the window. Yes, you. See that yellowy, bright glowing stuff coming out of the sky… that’s sunshine that is. I think you’ll find the sun is doing its best to make up for a poor start to the season with a mid-season flourish (rather like Everton, West Ham and … Continued

Enhance Your Trimming Season with Quality JR Brushcutter Accessories

What’s lurking in your long grass? Crouching in your crouch grass? Hiding in your overgrowth? Toys? Hedgehogs? Elvis playing poker with Lord Lucan? Whatever it is, you know the bits of potential jungle have to go, the edges of your lawn look like Hagrid and Gandalf’s beard have got together and set up home and … Continued

Our New Ride-on Mower for under £1000

Sleek, powerful, compact and cheap to run with a comfortably padded seat…but enough about me. I’m actually here to celebrate and present our new Racing Ride-on mower. We are incredibly proud of this groundbreaking machine, as it is something of a fabulous beast, mythical and rare, like the unicorn, the minotaur and a passport control … Continued

Look After Your New or Old Mower with a Protective Cover from Accessory Experts JR

You may be planning to buy a shiny new mower. You may well have bought one already. Great. Ride-on? Walk-Behind? Petrol powered? Battery? Lovely. Have you bought a cover? No? What? If you spent a fortune on a lovely car, let’s say an Aston Marten Vantage (sorry, had to stop there to wipe away some … Continued

My Six Super Lawncare Deals For The Easter Weekend

Writing an Easter-time blog without using any egg-based jokes is about as hard as trying to get a straight answer out of a politician. However, I shall try my hardest to do eggsactly that…DOH! Well, I’m only human. As I look out of my window, thinking about where to hide the Easter eggs so my … Continued

Meet the New Feider 7550M A High Quality Ride-on with a Very Low Price

As the Spring progresses, the light in the evening increases even further and the Scandinavian winds begin to realise there’s more to life than making British people miserable, we look to our lawns and imagine how marvellous they could look if we only had a shiny new mower… And that is where MowDirect comes in. … Continued

Get Energized – Cordless Tools You Will Love from a Name You Can Trust

As we race headlong into the growing season faster than a speeding bullet in a souped-up Ferrari, many of us are thinking about replacing those rather worn out and run-down garden machines that are sitting mournfully in the shed looking tired and old. Maybe we need to think about the noxious emissions that spewed from … Continued

Our New Feider Scarifier is Set To Become a Winner

Now the lawn is, hopefully, looking more like a fun place go out, do some work and spend some time, and less like the remains of a 1970s rugby match, it is time to think about how to really care for it and treat it to some proper TLC. On these pages, in our knowledge … Continued

New Deals for A New Year. Welcome The New Season With One Of Our Exclusives

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Ah. 2019. Doesn’t it just have the ring, the chime, the vibe of a good year about it? Forget 2018, flung away like last year’s Christmas wrapping paper and consigned to the bin marked ‘Annus Horibilis’ forever to be forgotten. It’s time to move on, people. And, look, green shoots are already starting to push … Continued