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020 3026 8712

Opening times
  • Call Weekdays 9am - 7pm (Closed Between 1pm & 2pm)
  • Saturday Phone Lines 10am - 4pm

Some Gardening To-Dos for the Week

Lawn Mowing

A lawnmower in action.
Mowing: make sure the blade setting is right for the conditions.

How you approach mowing very much depends on recent weather conditions.

If the lawn’s looking dry and parched following heat and a dearth of rain, we suggest setting your mower’s blade-position high in order to avoid further stressing the grass.

If the weather’s been warm but wet, you can lower the blade for a neat, close-cropped finish. In these conditions, grass growth can rapidly get out of control, so make sure you mow more frequently in order to keep on top of it.

Courgettes on the plant.
Get those fast-growing crops picked as soon as they’re ready!

Quick-Growing Crops

At this time of year, quick-growing crops – such as courgettes, beans and radishes – go into overdrive and can wither and rot on the plant if not picked in time. To avoid this waste, check your plants and harvest their bounty regularly.

Going Away?

Deadhead to encourage stunning blooms!

If you’re off on holiday and would prefer to return to a dazzling floral display, rather than to plants that have gone to seed, deadhead and remove any open flowers before you leave.


Left in the ground too long, alliums, such as onions and garlic, will go bad. Be sure to dig-up any bulbs as soon as they’ve reached a decent size.

Machinery Servicing

A lawn tractor being serviced.
Servicing: a MowDirect engineer at work.

The last thing any gardener wants is for their machinery to conk out mid-season.

The best way to prevent breakdowns is to get your garden machine properly serviced, so if you’re local to the MowDirect store in Sandy, Bedfordshire, pop it in to us, and one of our skilled engineers will check it and tune it to ensure your garden tractor, mower, strimmer, blower – or whatever else you might be running – excels in terms of both performance and reliability.

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