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The Coronation: ‘The King ascends the throne; the gardener wields his shovel.’

The Coronation of King Charles III is important for the United Kingdom, as it marks the beginning of a new reign and therefore a new era for the country.

The Coronation is an important ceremony that symbolises the continuity of the monarchy and the legitimacy of the new king. It’s also an opportunity for the new king to present his vision for the future, and to strengthen ties with other nations, both inside and outside the Commonwealth.

Charles III’s Coronation is particularly important, as he succeeds the late Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned for more than 70 years, and who became an iconic figure in modern British history through those changing – and often challenging – times.

As a garden owner, why not celebrate this historic event by creating an elegant and comfortable outdoor space in which you and your guests can take-in the pomp and ceremony?

Create a welcoming and relaxed garden by choosing the right furniture and decorating your garden area tastefully!

Here are some ideas for creating a comfortable and welcoming garden.

A handcrafted outdoor dining table & chairs set from the artisans at Charles Taylor Trading LTD.
Handcrafted in the Peak District: Charles Taylor Wooden Garden-Furniture

Create relaxation areas:


Add chairs, cushions, blankets and beanbags to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

A stunning, multi-coloured floral arrangement.
Floral colour and fragrance!

Plants are a great way to bring some life to your garden. You can add potted or in-ground plants to create a colourful, aesthetically pleasing environment.

An evening garden with some atmospheric lighting,
Outdoor lighting enhances the atmosphere!

Lighting is a key element in creating a warm and comfortable vibe in your garden. You could use lanterns, fairy lights or solar lamps – or even a firepit – to illuminate your garden.

A cascading garden waterfall.
Water feature: relaxing and restful!

Water, whether running or still, is a soothing element that brings a sense of restfulness and calm.

Rugs and comfy cushions laid-out for a garden picnic.
Cozy and comfortable: rugs and cushions

Accessories are a great way to put the finishing touches to your garden. Rugs, cushions, and artwork will allow to you stamp your personality on your beloved backyard.

Garden furniture; choosing and arranging.

A corner sofa, table and chairs on a gravel courtyard outside a Cotswold stone house.

Types of garden furniture:

Garden furniture is an important element when it comes to enjoying the outdoors fully. There are several types of garden furniture, including chairs, tables, benches, sofas, armchairs and swings.

The materials most commonly used for producing garden furniture are wood, metal and rattan.

Wooden furniture is understandably popular, as it has a nice look and feel; metal furniture – usually cast aluminium – is easy to clean and excels in terms of durability; rattan furniture – made from woven vines – is stain-resistant and simple to repair.

Choosing the right garden furniture:

When choosing garden furniture, it’s important to consider both the available space, and the style you prefer. You should ensure the furniture you opt for is weatherproof, and that it’s in harmony with your home and garden.

If you have a modern garden, metal or plastic furniture will suit. If your garden’s more traditional, you’ll likely want to go for wooden furniture.

It’s also important to consider the size of your garden:

If you have a bijou garden, you should choose furniture that won’t overload the space.

A table and chairs in a compact courtyard garden.
‘Compact and bijou, Mostyn!’

If you have a sizeable garden, furniture that’s more substantial becomes an option.

A large garden with comfy seating in front of beds of white roses.
Slightly less compact and bijou!

Furniture arrangement:

When arranging garden furniture, it’s recommended you create distinct areas for eating, relaxing and entertaining. It’s also essential to think about making the most of the view, and to ensure you get the best of the summer sun as it moves across.

Dining area, it’s advisable to position the table in the shade, and to orientate the chairs towards the west or southwest to enjoy the late sunset.

An outdoor table and chairs replete with crockery and cutlery.
Dining area

Relaxation area, it’s preferable to place furniture in the shade, and to ensure the chairs are positioned such that people won’t be blinded by the low sun in the evening.

A white linen hammock and parasol beautifully framed by plants and trees.
Relaxation area

Entertainment area, a shady spot is again recommended, and you might like to create a bar area from which you can serve-up the drinks and nibbles.

An inviting wooden bar area with drinks  ready to be served.
Bar area – what’s not to like?!

How best to decorate your garden:

Creating a relaxed atmosphere at your Coronation garden party will put your guests at ease and ensure the event will be enjoyed by all involved. To achieve that chilled-out feel, you’ll want to choose the correct decoration.

For this, we suggest natural, calming colours, such as green and beige.

You could also add decorative elements such as light garlands or lanterns, which will create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Finally, don’t forget to introduce comfortable seating – perhaps loungers or cushions – to allow your guests to relax and enjoy the garden to the full.

When it comes to horticultural decoration, you can choose plants and flowers that will create a natural, pastoral atmosphere.

Stunning clematis flowers.
Stunning: clematis

Climbing plants such as roses or clematis will bring life to otherwise drab walls and fences; fragrant plants like hydrangea and lavender will enhance the area with their delightful scent.

Follow some – or all – of these tips, and we’re sure your Coronation garden party will go down a storm!

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