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10 Must-See Black Friday Garden-Machinery Deals!

At MowDirect, we’re delighted to be able to offer our Black Friday customers 10% off on all products!

There are literally thousands of machines on MowDirect, so, to make it easier for you to choose, we’ve cherry-picked 10 of our favourites – check them out below!

Please use this code at checkout: BLACK10

1) Racing 4545PCS-1 Petrol Chainsaw

Incredible value: Racing 4545PCS-1 Petrol Chainsaw

A MowDirect-exclusive, the Racing 4545PCS-1 Petrol Chainsaw is a powerful but lightweight, safe and easy-handling machine that’s suitable for a variety of applications, including processing windfallen storm debris and preparing firewood for the hearth or woodburner.

There’s an anti-vibration system, which dampens tiring shock transfer from engine to operator; and you’ll get a quick-stop chain brake that will halt the chain almost instantaneously when triggered.

This one has a medium-large 45cm bar and it fitted with a high-capacity, high-output 46cc/2.8hp air-cooled two stroke motor.

2) Feider PRO 55 Petrol Chainsaw

Free starter-kit: Feider PRO 55 Petrol Chainsaw

With a larger engine and a longer guide-bar, the Feider PRO 55 Petrol Chainsaw will take bigger, tougher cuts in its stride, and is capable of felling more substantial trees.

Features include high-specification cutting-gear from US industry-leaders, Oregon; a friction- and heat-minimising automatic chain oiler; and super-simple side-access chain tensioning.

A real bargain, the Feider PRO 55 comes as standard with 500ml of chain oil, 500ml of two-stroke oil and a garden safety-kit.

3) Energizer EZN2000-UK Electric Pressure-Washer

Powerful performance: Energizer EZN2000-UK Electric Pressure-Washer

If you’ve tried cleaning your outdoor space with a hosepipe and yard brush, you’ll know how tedious, time-consuming and ineffective it can be. So why not get the job done the quick, easy and thorough way with the Energizer EZN2000-UK Electric Pressure-Washer?

Combining a premium brass pump with a beefy 2000w mains-electric motor to produce an output pressure of 160bar, the Energizer EZN2000-UK is guaranteed to impress with its cleaning performance, and will make short work of patios, walls, decking, cars, boats, engines and more.

It’s compact, lightweight and easily portable; and it features a detergent tank you can utilise if tackling greasy machinery.

4) Racing 139PTIL63-C Petrol Tiller

No more backbreaking digging: Racing 139PTIL63-C Petrol Tiller

Leave your garden fork in the shed and take a low-effort approach to weeding and aerating your allotment or kitchen garden with the Racing 139PTIL63-C Petrol Tiller!

Another MowDirect-exclusive, the Racing 139PTIL63-C blends a powerful 139cc four-stroke engine with high-torque gearing and a series of sharp, soil-busting tines to deliver superb tilling performance.

It’s fitted with a front transport wheel, which facilitates hassle-free movement from storage area to plot; and it benefits from a height-adjustable handlebar, which can be configured to suit any operator.

The single-speed Racing 139PTIL63-C has a 36cm tilling-width, so it will fit between rows of extant plants.

5) Feider FMTB80 Petrol Front-Tine Tiller

Fast worker: Feider FMTB80 Petrol Front-Tine Tiller

If you’re preparing or maintaining a more expansive plot, the Feider FMTB80 Petrol Front-Tine Tiller – with its 79cm working-width – comes highly recommended!

Its large-displacement 212cc engine provides the transmission with a huge 7hp, making it one of the most powerful and best-performing domestic-use petrol front-tine tillers on the market.

Quality features on the Feider FMTB80 include a reverse gear, which means it’s easy to manage where space is tight; and a detachable transmission, which makes routine maintenance totally straightforward.

6) Racing 26PBL Handheld Petrol Blower-Vac

Blows, vacuums and mulches: Racing 26PBL Handheld Petrol Blower-Vac

The Racing 26PBL Handheld Petrol Blower will prove particularly useful during the current leaf deluge, but can also be used at other times of year for clearing-up once you’ve finished mowing, hedgetrimming, pruning or woodcutting.

Not just a blower, the Racing 26PBL also offers a vacuum function – leaves, clippings and small twigs are sucked-up and sent through a steel impellor, which shreds them and turns them into a fine, fast-rotting mulch that will be handy around the garden. The mulch is deposited into a 35-litre collection bag.

This one weighs only 4kg and develops a maximum air-speed of 152mph.

7) Feider FBVES2800 Electric Shredder

Voracious appetite: Feider FBVES2800 Electric Garden-Shredder

Dealing with the waste – both green and woody – your garden generates will be a breeze when you get your hands on the Feider FBVES2800 Electric Shredder!

Employing a drum-type shredding system, the Feider FBVES2800 is remarkably quiet-running, so it’s worth serious consideration if you’ve got noise-sensitive neighbours nearby.

Auto in-feed saves both time and effort; a reverse function means you’ll have no trouble freeing any blockages.

The branch-diameter capacity is a class-leading 4.5cm.

8) Feider 5096-AC 4-in-1 Hi-Wheel Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

Highly versatile: Feider 5096-AC 4-in-1 Hi-Wheel Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

If affordability, power and versatility and are what you’re looking for in a lawnmower this heavily discounted, 196cc, four-in-one machine from Feider ticks all the boxes!

The Feider 5096-AC 4-in-1 Petrol Lawnmower boasts numerous convenience-features, including a deck-wash port, single-lever cutting-height selection and rear-wheel self-propulsion.

The cutting-width is a generous 50cm; the catcher holds a hefty 55 litres of clippings.

The four cutting-modes are as follows: collection, mulching, rear-discharge and side-discharge – choose the one that best suits both the conditions and your preferred finish.

9) Feider TR4870ES Variable-Speed Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower with Electric Start

Fires-up at the push of a button: Feider TR4870ES Electric-Start Roller Lawnmower

If the idea of wrestling with a starter-rope every time you want to get mowing doesn’t appeal, the push-button-start Feider TR4870ES could well be the machine for you!

A rear-roller mower, the Feider TR4870ES Petrol Lawnmower flattens the grass to produce the sort of attractive striped effect that graces the courts at Wimbledon. The roller also keeps the mower stable when cutting along flowerbed borders – four-wheel models are prone to tipping sideways.

A lowest height-of-cut setting of 20mm means you’ll be able to create a beautiful close-cropped finish; variable self-propulsion provides a suitable forward speed for every situation.

This 48cm model has a 173cc four-stroke OHV motor and comes with a capacious 65-litre hardtop grassbag.

Suitable for areas around 1200m2.

10) Feider TR5220ES Variable-Speed Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower with Electric Start

Top of the range: Feider TR5220ES Variable-Speed Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower with Electric Start

The Feider TR5220ES Rear-Roller Lawnmower is pretty much identical to the previous machine, but has a wider 53cm cut that makes it a good match for areas up to 1500m2.

The engine is also larger, with a displacement of 196cc.

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