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Manage Storm Debris the Easy Way with a Petrol Chainsaw!

Braked branches tree and garden debris

After the recent strong winds and gales, many of us are faced with gardens strewn with fallen branches, and in many cases, have trees that have been weakened and are in need of felling.

Now, you could opt for a traditional bow saw, but that’s going to be tough, time-consuming work.

At MowDirect, we recommend you use a chainsaw instead, but understand the prospect can be daunting for some.

That’s why we’ve listed a couple of super-safe petrol-powered machines we feel are great for first-time or less experienced users.

2 High-Quality but Affordable Entry-Level Petrol Chainsaws

1. Feider PRO 40 Petrol Chainsaw

Great for the first-time user: Feider FBE-5TS 5-Ton Electric Log-Splitter

The MowDirect-exclusive Feider PRO 40 Petrol Chainsaw weighs just 5.8kg and benefits from a compact – and therefore easy to manage – 40cm guide-bar from US industry-leaders, Oregon.

The super-efficient two-stroke air-cooled engine outputs an ample 1.7hp from a displacement of just 41cc, and boasts an innovatively designed recoil system, whereby the pulling-force needed to achieve ignition is cut by a huge 50%.

There’s a quick-stop chain brake for peace of mind in terms of user safety; and an anti-vibration system for comfortable, low-fatigue limbing and felling.

This one comes fully assembled and is supplied as standard with a spare chain, 500mls of chain oil, 500mls of 2-stroke oil and a safety-kit from our own accessory brand, JR.

A real bargain, the PRO 40 Petrol Chainsaw is available for an incredible £130 less than the suggested selling-price!

2. A Larger and More Powerful Petrol Chainsaw from Stiga

More power – longer guide-bar: Stiga CS 750 Petrol Chainsaw

Famous Swedish brand Stiga are known for the quality of their garden machines, with the Stiga CS 750 Petrol Chainsaw serving to further bolster that fully deserved reputation!

The Stiga CS 750 has a larger 46.5cc (2.7hp) motor and a longer 45cm guide bar; a combination that makes it suitable for slightly more demanding jobs.

Don’t be put off by the extra power – like the previous machine, it’s equipped with fast-acting brake that stops the chain in a split second when triggered (either manually, or by inertia).

You’ll also get a friction-reduction automatic chain-oiler, the flow-rate of which is adjustable to suit the density of the wood-type you’re cutting.


Finally, a Bonus Machine to Compliment Your Chainsaw!

Real time- and effort-saver: Feider FBE-5TS 5-Ton Electric Log-Splitter

Once you’ve lopped those windfallen branches and collected the spoils of your work, why not leave your hand axe in the shed and create firewood the easy way using a powered log splitter like the Feider FBE-5TS?

The Feider FBE-5TS 5-Ton Mains-Electric Log-Splitter is one of the most affordable machines in its class, and will enable you to process lots of timber for the hearth or woodburner quickly and with little effort expended.

It exerts a huge five tons of pressure on the subject log; and, thanks to Feider’s provision of a stand, it sits comfortably at waist height.

Our customers love this machine. Here are a few comments from the 5-Star review page. “…the build quality is excellent.” and, “…does everything it says on box. It is so easy to use.” and even, “I wish I had brought one years ago what more can I say !!! Thank you MowDirect.”

A huge range of petrol, mains-electric and cordless battery chainsaws is listed here.


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