Enhance Your Trimming Season with Quality JR Brushcutter Accessories

What’s lurking in your long grass? Crouching in your crouch grass? Hiding in your overgrowth? Toys? Hedgehogs? Elvis playing poker with Lord Lucan? Whatever it is, you know the bits of potential jungle have to go, the edges of your lawn look like Hagrid and Gandalf’s beard have got together and set up home and the paths are looking more like a cricket crease.

Time to get out that trusty trimmer or brushcutter, if you have one, and set to it. If you don’t have one, have a good look here for a suitable model. But if you do, here are a few questions. Got enough line? Got a decent harness? Safety helmet? Blade undamaged and sharp as it could be?

It seems easy to just whip out the trimmer and carry out your job wearing linen shorts, flip-flops and an old Ultravox tee-shirt keeping your fingers crossed that the blade is sharp, the line is plentiful, your ears can take the whining of a 2-stroke engine for an hour and no bits of detritus will fly up and smack you in the nose but, believe me, the world is full of people who wish they had accessorised first.

So why not take a look at our page of great add-ons and essential parts and accessories from experts JR.

Like our quality safety kits with gloves, ear-defenders and a robust visor to protect your face like the example shown here.

Or what about our great selection of JR harnesses, from the simple but effective JR HAR001  shoulder strap harness at only £16.95 adjustable and with effective shoulder protection to the JR HAR008 Comfort Pro fully-adjustable double-shoulder comfort harness with extra large hip protection, a quick release system and padded shoulders at a very reasonable £49.95

We also have a good selection of spare blades of all kinds, Two, three, four and eight toothed, all the way up to circular saw style blades like the JR DDS015 25.5cm x 1.4mm 60-Tooth Metal Brushcutter-Blade.

This model is suitable for heavy-duty domestic trimming tasks as well as commercial use and is very durable with carbide-tipped teeth and up to serious undergrowth clearance. It costs just £19.95.

All this plus trimming line of varying lengths and widths, new tap-and-go feeder heads and much more.

Every item in this range comes with FREE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY and is covered by a manufacturer warranty.

And don’t forget. A couple of tips before you start. Check your trimmer, keep pets and young kids away from the trimming and have good look through the undergrowth to make sure there are no birds, cats, the afore-mentioned hedgehogs or any nasty obstacles that could damage your machine.

If you need more help and advice there are some articles in our knowledge base, MowHow that may help. Alternatively, if you need one to one advice, about these items of any other of our comprehensive range of garden machinery and accessories, please call our friendly helpful team on 020 3026 8712 (Mon to Fri: 9:00am to 5:30pm, Sat: 9:00am – 5:00pm & Sun: 10.30am – 4pm)

Great service and great price‘ R. Harris (May 2019 Trustpilot)

Enjoy your garden. Drew Hardy

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