Mow Time is Coming So Use our MowHow to Choose your Ideal Machine

I’ve just been listening to the international melodic, radio-blasting tour de force that is Adele,  in her inimitable “Oi. You. Listen to me!” style singing ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ and found myself thinking how uncomfortable that would be for all of us. The woman is terrifying. Not content with stalking every ex-boyfriend she ever … Continued

Mowing, tilling, preparing – it’s time to get out in the garden at last

Yes. As my celebrated colleague and grapevine botherer, Mr Dick Roberts put it yesterday in his blog, at last, the morning sun has some heat (at last). He’s right. This morning was pretty pleasant and we can perhaps see the end of the freezing temperatures that have tormented us like the Harpies in the Greek legend … Continued

Time to think about the coming season. Why not start a veg patch? Some tips

The sun has been shining, the snow has been snowing, the wind is blowing, the grass is growing. So far so British springtime. But don’t forget, whatever you are looking out outside, you need to start thinking about the coming growing season. Dick’s blog yesterday quite rightly extolled the virtues of the very fine Oleo-Mac … Continued

Spring is Waiting In The Wings – We Need To Get On With The Garden – Use Our MowHow

A couple of weeks ago, the legendary American weather forecasting rodent, known to all as Punxsutawney Phil, came out of his little Groundhog house in Pennsylvania and saw a shadow, predicting another six weeks of cold and misery. We don’t actually have our own UK groundhog, but if we had, let’s say for the sake … Continued

The First Cut Should NOT be The Deepest. And There Are Things To Do First.

They say spring is here. They say it’s around the corner. They say the first cut is coming up. I don’t know who they are but they are usually right and it won’t be long before you, I and the rest of the gardening fraternity need to do this. One of the ‘they’ who says … Continued

Get Cultivated – What to Do Before You Switch on Your New Tiller Or Try To Start You Old One – My Top Tips

Winter has finally taken the long-distance ‘phone call that has asked him to transfer his freezing talents somewhere else and not to come back for at least ten months. I know, I know, he’s hanging on for dear life, dragging his feet, trying to strike up a conversation at the door, trying to cadge that … Continued

Which Mower Should I Buy? Try Our Handy MowHow Buying Guides and Get What You Need

The world is full of difficult to answer questions. How long is a piece of string? How green was my valley? How does Donald Trump sleep at night? How much is that doggie in the window? (That’s a trick question – we aren’t allowed to sell doggies in pet shops any more). But one of … Continued

I Confess. Battery Mowing – It’s The Future

I am again following in the footsteps of Dick Robert’s Wednesday blog, in order to tell you that I am coming out, not of the closet but out of the shed. I am coming out as a staunch supporter of lithium-ion battery technology, particularly mowing. I know I have mentioned them before but I have … Continued

Does Size Matter If You’re Going to Buy A Ride-On? Yes. It Does.

OK. So you’ve got a big lawn. You could fit The Emirates stadium in it and still have room for a garden party to rival our good Queen Liz’s summer bash and Robbie William’s ego.  Or perhaps you have a large but not massive lawn, not enormous but just out of the range of the … Continued

Spring Hasn’t Sprung Yet But It’s Coiled And Waiting – Get Your Mower Ready!

As my colleague and wine-loving old friend Dick Roberts is forever banging on about in his talented and persistent way at the moment, the weather change is a-comin’. Soon my beauties, soon! Yes, very soon old man winter will be looking around in panic for some other poor unfortunates to bother and pushing off to … Continued