Extra, Extra, Extra – What The Customers Say About Redback Cordless Tools

The world cup is on, the lawn tennis season has started and, as far as I’m concerned, that makes the world a better place. Good lord, even England played well the other day. And as the early summer sun peeps out between the clouds and the sound of football commentators stating the blooming obvious, cheering … Continued

Clear up The Long Grass and Reclaim your Garden

I was recently (over the weekend) at a very nice and comfortably lavish party in North London, held in the garden of my dear friends Gordon and Hermione.  This garden is surprisingly large for a sprawling metropolis where a slightly larger than average studio flat goes for the same price as a castle in Middlesborough … Continued

Safety Tips For Hedge Trimming and Pruning

Now, as Michael Caine never actually said, ‘not a lot of people know this but hedges go back a long way.’ Some say the first hedges were grown or made to surround and fence off land on which cereal crops were being grown and date back to the Neolithic era, around five or six thousand … Continued

Toe The Line. Safe Usage of Your Brushcutter or Trimmer

The sun has got his hat on, but, to be honest, he’d be much safer wearing a helmet, ear defenders and steel-toe-capped boots. Yesterday’s blog by my estimable colleague and multiple wine cork collector Dick Roberts deliberated on the qualities of some pretty tough, wheeled brushcutters. like the DR TR4 PRO-XL (left) But, as ever, … Continued

How To Stripe Your Lawn – It’s Easier Than You Think

What a weekend. In the FA Cup final, Chelsea managed to bore their way to a 1-0 win against the equally dreary Manchester Utd (dreary not being a word I thought I would ever use about them – well done José). This once glorious occasion that used to be watched by everyone, even people who … Continued

All Inclusive. Yes, Batteries ARE Included on Our Redback Tools

You know how it works. You get the gizmo home, whatever it is, a toy robot, a radiogram (retro man) unwrap it and prepare to play with it, listen to it, drill with it or whatever and then you realise there are no batteries in the box. ‘Oh bother!’ you say (or something similar) and … Continued

Sunshine After The Rain – Scarify Now And Enjoy Your Lawn

Let’s go back. Way, way back to the nineties. A time when the Spice Girls were sticking their tongues out and telling us what they really, really wanted, when none of the ‘Friends’ had yet resorted to plastic surgery and bandannas were cool. (Editor’s Note:… Bandannas were NEVER cool Drew). Whatever. Back when homemade dance … Continued

Stripe Your Lawn – Learn How From MowHow

Yesterday’s excellent blog from Mr Dick Roberts, the brilliant, effervescent and ebullient Bin-ends Bombardier, would have been accompanied if it were an audio blog, by the sound of rain and wind. However, that is all set to change and the weather is on the turn. When it does settle, and particularly now as it’s National … Continued

Get Your Lawn Into Gear With Our Superstar Einhell Scarifier – National Gardening Week Approaches.

The sun has decided to keep his hat out of its box for the moment, he’s been to visit, he’s popping backwards and forwards at the moment where I am,  hiding behind the clouds and then peeking out like a nosy neighbourhood watch person keeping an eye open for suspicious activity. This means, HOORAH, that … Continued

Why Do We Aerate Lawns?

I’m a little wary, not to mention weary, of saying Spring is here. But…er…it seems to actually be here now. Honest guv. And our lawns are looking glum and in need, of more than ‘a bit of TLC’. More like a long spell of major pampering and a grovelling written apology followed by a good … Continued