Aerate and Give Your Lawn a Drink with the Great Value Al-ko 38p Petrol Aerator

What a summer it’s been. Hotter than a fireman’s trousers and drier than a desert rat’s boots. And it’s all left our lawns looking rather the worse for wear in so many places. However, when the rain does come again (and we’ve seen some already) you need to make sure your lawn, rather like me … Continued

It Went Home – To France. So. My Favourite Penalties of All Time

Yes. It’s all over. It went home to France which seems fair enough, bearing in mind The World Cup tournament itself was the idea of a Frenchman, Monsieur Jules Rimmet (Still gleaming). The often-inevitable result of any sporting success (and yes, we were successful, we got to the semi-finals against the odds, won a penalty … Continued

Dreaming Of Your Holidays? What About The Garden?

Breaking news. It seems that scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider in Cerne, have initiated a microscopic shift in the earth’s rotation which has created a location-specific temporal anomaly whereby the whole world seems normal, except there is a Teletubby in charge of the USA, the UK’s weather has reverted to the summer of … Continued

Water Water Everywhere – But Mostly In The Tap. Looking After Your Garden In The Heat

Yes. Wimbledon fortnight is here to fill in the gaps between huge football teams being knocked out of the World cup by minnows, and the strawberries and cream brigade are out in force in their Panamas, club ties and cool silks, sipping Pimms, wafting programmes in front of their faces and wondering what that curious … Continued

The Sun Has Got His Hat On – Make Sure You Wear Yours – Garden Sense For The Summer

Summers come and summers go. Some have World Cups some have Euros some even have sunshine. And when we do OMG how we love it. It is about this time of year that your average British chap and chappess forget that they are, in general, pasty, freckled and UV vulnerable and decide to spend hours and … Continued

Extra, Extra, Extra – What The Customers Say About Redback Cordless Tools

The world cup is on, the lawn tennis season has started and, as far as I’m concerned, that makes the world a better place. Good lord, even England played well the other day. And as the early summer sun peeps out between the clouds and the sound of football commentators stating the blooming obvious, cheering … Continued

Clear up The Long Grass and Reclaim your Garden

I was recently (over the weekend) at a very nice and comfortably lavish party in North London, held in the garden of my dear friends Gordon and Hermione.  This garden is surprisingly large for a sprawling metropolis where a slightly larger than average studio flat goes for the same price as a castle in Middlesborough … Continued

Safety Tips For Hedge Trimming and Pruning

Now, as Michael Caine never actually said, ‘not a lot of people know this but hedges go back a long way.’ Some say the first hedges were grown or made to surround and fence off land on which cereal crops were being grown and date back to the Neolithic era, around five or six thousand … Continued

Toe The Line. Safe Usage of Your Brushcutter or Trimmer

The sun has got his hat on, but, to be honest, he’d be much safer wearing a helmet, ear defenders and steel-toe-capped boots. Yesterday’s blog by my estimable colleague and multiple wine cork collector Dick Roberts deliberated on the qualities of some pretty tough, wheeled brushcutters. like the DR TR4 PRO-XL (left) But, as ever, … Continued

How To Stripe Your Lawn – It’s Easier Than You Think

What a weekend. In the FA Cup final, Chelsea managed to bore their way to a 1-0 win against the equally dreary Manchester Utd (dreary not being a word I thought I would ever use about them – well done José). This once glorious occasion that used to be watched by everyone, even people who … Continued