Ten top ride-ons and lawn tractors for Spring lawns, some at reduced prices

With Spring held back by the recent bitter weather, the grass is looking much more healthy as the snow melts and moisture penetrates the roots. And if you have a larger lawn now is a great time to buy a garden tractor for the first Spring trim, especially as the prices of some models are … Continued

Statues and benches on the lawn? No problem with this easy turning mower

Lawns with trees, garden benches and various ornaments can be a devil to cut as no sooner have you started on a straight length you are on the turn. But this exclusive mower from a leading German engineering company has the answer. The Einhell LE-PM 51S HWT Comfort-Turn Lawnmower has a castor wheel at the … Continued

Exclusive deals on Al-Ko top German lawnmowers

German manufacturing and engineering company Al-Ko produces excellent lawnmowers and all manner of garden machinery and with the temperatures at last easing up, here are some exclusive deals to welcome the grass cutting season. First, is the Al-Ko 42 BR-A Power-Driven Petrol Lawn Mower made for lawns around 800m2 and letting you choose between collecting … Continued

Let your grass draw breath – ten top scarifiers for a perfect verdant spring lawn

Despite sorry-looking grass with long straggly growth, weeds and moss and the general rubbish of winter on the surface, lawns are doing their best to start to grow. But they need a bit of help to ease them from their winter lethargy and let them breathe and flourish. Scarifying will ease out the moss and … Continued

Five-star Italian mowers to tackle every type of grass cutting challenge

Yes, we really can start to think in earnest about trimming the lawn, the first sign that Spring is here. After the big freeze, spectacular amounts of snow and icicles which ought to need a licence from the Ministry of Defence, the lawn is now showing once again. And what a sorry sight it looks … Continued

Chattering mowers may well be a sound from the past in a few years time

At last. The morning sun has a little heat to it. Gutters and downpipes are gurgling and chortling with running water as the snow melts. The grass is peeking through the white carpets covering the lawn. Wrens are singing as if nothing happened for the past week. And very soon we will hear our first … Continued

Ten top deals on top-class mowers

There’s a foot of snow outside, the roads are deadly and little traffic is moving what with drifting snow through gaps in the hedge and the wind from the east is absolutely bitter. What better time to talk about lawnmowers. The weather is due to improve at the end of the week and into next … Continued

Two great new lawnmowers, order now and be ready for the first cut of summer

Bitter outside; snow’s falling and the easterly wind is freezing. What better time to talk about lawnmowers. For once this snow melts and the days warm up, lawns will really grow, especially if given a little fertilizer and scarified. Make sure you are prepared for the growth and if you need a new mower, here … Continued

Now’s the time to get to work if you want good crops this year

There’s an expression in the farming community ‘Well Sown is Well Grown.’ If seeds germinate and young plants thrive quickly in good soil and good conditions with just the right amount of moisture then you’re well on your way to having a good crop. And the preparation of the seedbed is one of the vital … Continued

New year, new machines, here are ten innovative products to make life in the garden easier

As the UK’s leading garden machinery store, we are constantly expanding our range of goods with new, innovative and exciting products to take advantage of new technologies and engineering developments. Just as plant breeders come up with new varieties each year and expand their offerings so machinery companies develop and refine their lists, so here … Continued