Ten top present ideas to delight any gardener this festive season

Right, clear your throat and sing up. ‘Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, I’m going down the pub and that’s enough of that’. Ten days to go, and if that phrase doesn’t concentrate your mind to find a perfect present then little will. So here are five great present ideas for the gardener … Continued

Presents to remember from our selected gardening gifts for Christmas

Feeling generous this Christmas? Then one of these ride-ons or garden tractors from our Christmas gift pages will make a useful present remembered for years to come. And while you may have to wait a while before you use it for grass cutting, lawn tractors are a year-round garden friend with a host of attachments … Continued

Powerful machine to keep businesses and authorities working through the snow

The snow has arrived with a vengeance blocking roads and making paths dangerous. But for businesses which need to keep working it is even more difficult especially as more snow is forecast in the busy period leading to Christmas which many companies depend on to keep in the black. If you are responsible for an … Continued

Twelve great gifts from £15 to £200 to delight any gardener

The annual quest for a welcome present gets harder each year, unless you’re buying for children when all they seem to want is the latest gadgetry or toys. But for those not quite so young who have had their fill of Christmas jumpers, finding something worthwhile and useful gets harder every year. So we have … Continued

Have a Happy Hayter Christmas – these mowers will delight any gardener

Hayter makes some of the best lawnmowers in the world and any one from our wide selection would make a brilliant and practical present. They are British designed and the company has a long history of making mowers perfectly suited to British conditions which last for years. You can see the full range of the … Continued

Great gardening gifts to bring a smile on Christmas Day

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat. And the credit cards are slowly melting as well. But for anyone who is a gardener, we have a host of brilliant ideas for presents from £10 up to £2000 on our special pages. If your budgets are a bit squeezed these little hand tools make a … Continued

Forget the frills and frippery, a lawnmower makes a great Christmas present

Practical presents could be the order for this Christmas rather than jokey bits of frippery, presents which will last through the year and be genuinely useful. And what could be more useful than a new mower. Yes maybe that’s a bit difficult to envisage when the easterly wind penetrates a coat and two sweaters but … Continued

Eco-friendly ice melt to keep paths safe, and it won’t harm plants or pets

Winter has blown in with a vengeance with snows arriving and forecast to hang around all week. Icy roads and paths are a menace but there are effective ways to keep them safe which don’t involve traditional rock salt or, for your paths at home, emptying the bag of cooking salt. LNT Magic Ice Melt … Continued

Batten down the hatches, here comes the white stuff

The North Wind Doth Blow and We Shall Have Snow. So says the old piece of folk lore which, like many other ancient country sayings, is all too true as the wind settles round in the east and north and looks set to stay there for several days to come. So Winter Draws On, as … Continued

Our Black Friday deals will give you a garden to be proud of

Maybe it is an import from the USA, but Britain has taken to Black Friday just as we have taken to the hamburger and today has become a major feature in the British shopping calendar. There are some excellent bargains on our special Black Friday sales pages and here we have selected ten great bargains … Continued