Two reliable mowers from the tried and trusted manufacturer Mountfield

Here are a couple of great mowers made to give an all-year round neat finish to any lawn. They are from Mountfield, Britain’s favourite brand with a reputation for manufacturing reliable mowers which will give long and reliable service. But don’t be tempted to cut the grass too short at the moment as it needs … Continued

Ten brilliant gardening bargains to make autumn gardening easier

Much of the country is set for warmer weather and in to next week so now’s the time to spend a few hours grass cutting, leaf clearing and keeping hedges neat. So here are ten top gardening bargains from top international manufacturers to make life easier. And we hesitate to mention the C word but … Continued

An Indian summer could arrive this weekend – time to get back on gardening duties

With weather forecast to warm up for the weekend, so now is a great time to concentrate on the lawn and its edges. The grass is really putting on a spurt at the moment and needs to be trimmed back to keep it looking neat and tidy through the late autumn and here’s a robust … Continued

Powerful little leaf blowers to cope with the autumn debris

The one piece of kit a gardener needs at this time of year is a good machine for clearing leaves, as this job needs to be done regularly. Don’t be tempted to leave it until the trees are bare, as the grass will discolour and moisture will not get through to the plants’ roots. Here … Continued

Ten top machines for the autumn garden challenges

Autumn has blown in with gales and lashings of rain, but it’s still warm enough for plants to flourish. Window boxes and tubs still have plenty of life in them and don’t bother getting set for the big autumn prune yet. I mean trimming back summer growth not a giant dried plum. So here are … Continued

New range of pressure washers now on sale from top American manufacturer

Grubby paths and decking need to be cleaned before winter sets in and makes them slippery and dangerous and here is a new range of pressure washers from Briggs & Stratton to do the job. And they are ideal for shifting stubborn mud from the family car. This company is known throughout the world for … Continued

Two mowers to keep the autumn lawns trimmed and neat

Lawns have taken a fair bit of abuse over the summer months, what with impromptu cricket games and barbecues. But just because we are not spending as much time outdoors at this time of year does not mean we should ignore them. They still need to be trimmed regularly, though not as short as in … Continued

Leaf clearance needn’t be a problem, here are ten top machines to do the job

The annual fall has started and leaves need to be regularly cleared otherwise they will stop light and moisture getting to the lawn and inhibit autumn growth Besides, nothing spoils the look of a house as much as leaves on the drive and flower beds. But don’t throw them all on the compost heap, pack … Continued

The Leaves of Brown, and all that …..

Yes, they have started falling and when your lawn is looking lush and pristine you feel you need to go round and clear them up to keep the illusion of summer, even though the dew is really heavy at the moment making early morning mowing difficult. Here’s a great little hand-held machine which will blow … Continued

Modern battery power comes of age in the garden

If there is one trend that is noticeable in garden machinery it is the move away from petrol engines and towards battery power. This has been hastened by the enormous advance in the technology so that today the lithium-ion battery produces power to rival petrol. After all, a battery powered HGV is promised to be on … Continued