Ten top wheeled trimers, field, brush and scythe mowers made to cut down the thickest scrub

Depressing isn’t it? Already past the longest day so the evenings from now on will be shorter and all we have to look forward to is bitter winter snow and ice. But for now the sun blazes down on most of the country and while lawns don’t need trimming so often verges and rougher parts … Continued

Battery power makes essential gardening jobs less tiring – and no petrol fumes

Battery power has gone a long way in the last ten years or so and is starting to revolutionise garden machinery. It’s possible that in years to come the trip to the garage with a petrol can will become a thing of the past as technology improves – there is even a ride-on lawn tractor … Continued

Time to tackle the nettles and thistles before they take over

Depending on where you are in the country, the grass is growing more slowly but still needs regular mowing. Would the same could be said for nettles and weeds, for these bane of every gardener’s life seem to thrive whatever the conditions. And if you have a small orchard or paddock they need trimming if … Continued

Ten top hedge trimmers – there’s one for every garden big or small

Time to trim the hedges of their Spring growth, for nothing shows off a garden large or small as well as a neat hedge or even a piece of elaborate topiary. But before trimming please check there are no nesting birds still sitting on their eggs of tending their young. Many young have now flown … Continued

Two machines to make cutting hedge tops a much easier job

Hedges have grown at a terrific speed lately and you can give them their first trim of the year after making sure there are no nesting birds. Hedge cutting is relatively simple these days with the huge range of trimmer available, but the tops always prove a problem. Teetering on top of a ladder while … Continued

Two great lawnmowers, exclusive to MowDirect, with free delivery to your door

Everyone likes a bargain and here are two great lawnmowers, exclusive to MowDirect to get your gardens ready for high summer. First is the Mowers MowMaster 43PD 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower, made for small to medium-sized lawns with a 43cm cutting width. It lets you chose between collecting the cut grass – there is a 40-litre … Continued

Top mowers for the small to medium sized lawn, plus a robot to do the work for you

Most gardeners don’t want a big mower made to deal with acres of grass. Most of us want a simple mower, easy to start and use which will give our lawns front and back a neat, cared-for appearance. So this week’s top ten will feature mowers made for lawns under 1000m2. All are from industry … Continued

Powerful brushcutting machines to sort out the thickest vegetation

It’s one of the great mysteries that has been baffling gardeners for generations. Why do weeds grow more quickly than flowers and vegetables? Currently banks of thick weeds are flourishing on verges and around the edges of gardens spoiling the overall look of the garden. There is a range of machines from USA company DR … Continued

Three new lawnmowers, German engineered for reliability and strength

New for this year, these three lawnmowers from leading German engineering company Al-Ko are solid and efficient and have long warranties to give you peace of mind. The first, the Al-Ko Easy 4.2 PS Petrol Push Lawnmower is made for lawns around 800m2 in mind with a 42cm cutting width. The blades are powered by … Continued

Ten top machines to give you a perfect lawn ready for the summer barbecue

Crack open a bottle, for tis the season of barbecues, warm white wine which has lost its fizz and black and blue meat – charred black on the outside and raw in the middle. And tis also the season when our gardens should be looking their best with perennial shrubs in bloom or about to … Continued