How do I use a line trimmer?


Redback E312D Cordless Trimmer

A line trimmer should be easy to use and is a great tool for keeping small or even larger areas of long grass tidy, or perhaps doing seasonal clean ups of overgrown parts of the garden.

So here are some basic use, safety and general tips to help you make the most of your line trimmer

1/ Wear the right clothing.  You may be fond of your open-toed sandals but they are not practical and could result in you being injured.  Neither should you wear your loosest clothing or anything with hanging drawstrings. If you can, wear a helmet, gloves and, preferably, google, even grass can hurt your eye if it flies fast enough. Wear sturdy shoes, if you have steel te-capped shoes or boots, great! If your trimmer has a high DbA) then think about ear-defenders. 

2/ Use your harness. If your machines comes with a safety harness – please use it. Adjust and tighten it correctly so it’s comfortable and secure to wear and so that the balance with the machine is good. 

3/ Prepare and damage proof your garden. Even the line of a trimmer can do damage or sustain damage if it meets an unusual obstacle. So check the area you are working on for obstacles in the area,  large rocks, bricks, wood, toys, or pint glasses from last years barbecue. Make sure any pets are in the house or out of the way and that small children are kept well beyond arms reach. It is also important these days to check for wildlife, toads, frogs hedgehogs or birds. 

4/ Stay sober and alert. As with any garden machinery, never use your line trimmer if you are over-tired, ill or under the influence of alcohol or medication. Try to fully concentrate, take regular rest periods or breaks and drink water. Stay hydrated. 

5/ Never use the trimmer in the rain or when the grass is very wet. This could be dangerous. If your trimmer is electric you could get a shock, you could slip  and you will also find your trimmer is not effective in very wet weather. 

6/ Keep your distance . Don’t get too close to walls, garden ornaments garden furniture or treesgarden benches, trees or ornaments. You can wear line all too quickly if you are always hitting hard surfaces. Be very cautious and guide the trimmer near without touching, as if you were colouring in up to a line. 

7/ Take your time and make sure you know the cutting point. When you work with a line trimmer, the fastest moving and most powerful are of your line is the tip. This is down to centrifugal force. Therefore to get the best out of the line, and use the trimmer efficiently,  ensure the  strimmer head is placed in the correct position to utilise this, trying to use the tip to cut each time and not ‘wading in’ too far. If you go too too far into the long grass the line could slow down and even become tangled up with thicker, heavier foliage. Don’t rush at it. It takes concentration and a measured, slow approach but will actually result in you getting the job done faster. 

8/ Cut from right to left. Most, if not all, trimmer heads rotate right to left so cutting in this way ensures that the clippings fall back onto the already cut area. It is often useful to work in sections, making it easier to see what you are doing.

9/ Don’t just stick with one type of line.   Line types vary enormously. Some are lighter, some heavier, some thicker some thinner. If you use the right line for the right job you will, again, be efficient and save time and money into the bargain. Make sure you check the manual to see what type of line is usable.

10/ Keep it clean. Always clean the trimmer after using it, focussing particularly on the trimming head. 

(If you have a metal blade, this should be cleaned and oiled after use)  

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