A brief guide to cordless battery powered chainsaws


Redback Cordless Chainsaw

Battery powered chainsaws are generally smaller and lighter and are mainly for domestic use,

Being smaller or lighter though, when it comes to battery powered chainsaws, does not mean they are lacking in power. As battery technology has improved, and continues to improve, they are becoming more and more powerful and are challenging traditional styles of chainsaw, definitely having the advantage over many electric cable models and even challenging petrol chainsaws for power. 

There are certainly models available that can match petrol cutting in controlled tests and we have seen some very good, if not surprising, results from makes such as Greenworks and Redback. and others. Here are some more of of our best buys. 

As two Redback customers wrote recently ‘…managed to cut down a 25ft tree with ease’ , and ‘It went through a 6″ fence post like the proverbial knife through butter.’

Cordless battery powered chainsaws are totally portable and can be used pretty much anywhere, making them ideal for work in the field, in woodland, at the bottom of the garden, in the woodshed, and in awkward places where a cable would become a hindrance or a hazard and fumes unpleasant, dangerous and noisome. 

They are, of course, generally lighter and quieter than petrol models and have no emissions. They are also usually vibrate less so are easier and more comfortable to use

Cordless battery powered chainsaws need less maintenance than petrol models, as there is no engine to look after but jobs like chain maintenance are, of course, still important.  See our ‘Chainsaw Maintenance’ section for more information.


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