Mountfield tractors – the people’s choice

There is no doubt that Mountfield Ride-on Tractors are respected across the industry for their reliability and value, selling at prices that are surprisingly low.  

So what is so good about Mountfield Ride-on Tractors? Wy are they so popular? Why are they our best sellers? Well, we can talk about the innovation, build-quality, ease of use and Mountfield’s commitment to the end-user for hours on end, but let’s do it differently. Why not hear what the people who actually use them have to say? People like you. 

So here’s a selection of Mountfield’s best selling models and what our enthusiastic customers have to say about them. 

Mountfield 827M Compact Lawn Rider


“The mower works like a dream”    “Excellent” 

 Mountfield 1538M SD Lawn Tractor

 “I Love it”    “Great value”    “Easy start and easy to operate, the mower is perfect for keeping the grass at a sensible height.”    “Ticks all the boxes”     “Well built” 

Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor

“…the quality of cut is excellent (Even wet grass)”    “Very good product”    “Just what I was looking for”    “Excellent value…powerful, well-built machine”  “…nice bit of kit”  

Mountfield 1538H-SD Lawn Tractor

“Excellent workhorse for the price”    “Good features”    “Cuts the grass well…height adjustment is very easy”     “..easy to handle…a good investment for the (cricket) club”

Mountfield 1530H Lawn Tractor

“…a great mower…a good price for what you get… has a good turning circle…”   “…easy to use, it cuts cleanly, empties quickly, is easy to drive”     “Great mower, good price”    “It makes cutting the grass more like fun than a chore”    “Quality mower”

So there you have it. Just a small selection. If you would like to see our full range of Mountfield Ride-on Mowers please take a look here. 

Don’t forget all our ride-ons come with our FREE Premium Delivery Service so are delivered assembled, tested, tuned, cleaned and ready to. They also come with free oil. 

So taking into account Mountfield’s popularity with our lauded measure of service and back-up, we are very proud of our partnership with this industry leading brand. 


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