Mountfield – the UK’s number 1 for half a century



It would be fair to say that Mountfield is a very popular brand indeed in the UK, supplying lawnmowers, lawn and garden tractors and a wide range of hand held garden machinery and with a reputation for being reliable and of good quality. 

Mountfield is consistently cited as manufacturer of the UK’s best selling garden and lawn tractors creating best in class models on a regular basis. These include the class leading 84cm cutting width, twin-bladed deck 1430M and 1430H garden tractors in 2012 and garden tractors featuring a twin-bladed deck for superior cutting and collecting performance. 

The story, however, began way back in 1962, when Mountfield rotary lawn mowers were first manufactured at their factory in Maidenhead. This means they have been the UK’s number 1 for over fifty years, a hard record to break. 

It is a testament to Mountfield that the customer service department there, like ours, frequently receives reviews which praise the quality of Mountfield mowers often saying they are buying a new model with some regret because their old one lasted so well and did such a good job, but looking forward to another long relationship with a new Mountfield. Luckily,  Mountfield’s mission to keep investing and innovating and developing products to deliver excellent performance and value for money seems to be paying off, with comments on our site like…

“…fantastic. Setting up was easy. ” 

And the future looks rosy too. Mountfield have already got behind the Li-Ion battery-powered revolution with powerful, quiet and affordable cordless lawn mowers that are causing a stir all over, again this is reflected in reviews on our site…

” The build quality and power of this battery operated mower is fantastic.”  

Let us finish this article with Mountfield’s mission statement, one with which I am sure we can all agree. 

“We are proud of our heritage, our products and our vision for the future. We think gardening should be fun and rewarding – let a Mountfield do the hard work for you so you can relax, unwind and enjoy your garden.”

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