Lawn Tractors vs Zero-Turn Mowers

A truly heavy-weight contest, this Lawn Tractors versus Zero-Turn Mowers article is designed to offer you comparative information, so you can make an informed choice when it comes to purchasing your next ride-on from MowDirect.

Lawn Tractors


Lawnflite 603 XT-S Rear Collect Tractor

Tractors (Lawn or Garden Tractors)  as their name suggests, are traditional ‘farmer style’ ride-on mowers and have been popular here for many years. 

They are generally designed for rear grass collection or side-discharge.

(Click here for a pictorial guide to the main features of a rear collect tractor)

With their classic tractor shape, most offer the familiar steering wheel control and are made to tow attachments such as trailers, scarifiers, rollers etc as well as mow. They are, therefore, useful all year round and offer the option to be used as garden utility vehicles, again much in the same way as a farmer’s tractor. 

There is a wide range of tractors available to the gardener, with a variety of power options and features, from smaller lawn tractors up to heavy duty garden tractors.  

 Zero-Turn Mowers

 Toro ZS3200S Timecutter

Zero-Turn Ride-on Mowers offer very different experience and are increasingly becoming more popular in the UK.

They are generally designed to deliver mulching, a method where the clippings are chopped very fine and dropped back into the lawn, where they break down and can help create a greener, healthier looking lawn. 

They are not the traditional tractor shape and offer increased mobility and control, being able to turn 360 degrees on the spot. This is possible due to their paddle steering system – the most responsive steering system available once you are used to it.

They are ideal for faster coverage and for manoeuvring around intricate, more complex shaped lawns with furniture, flower beds, or trees.

(Click here for a pictorial guide to the main features on a Zero-Turn)

Zero-Turns can save you considerable time when mowing up and down as turning around at each end is so much quicker and means there is no ”turning gap’ to go back and re-mow. Subsequently they can offer more time at the weekend for you to enjoy your garden. 

Although not strictly designed as standard for as ‘utility’ work the same way as lawn and garden Tractors, most Zero-Turn Ride-ons can be fitted with tow bars to increase their work-rate over the year. 


NB: If you wish for more information on Zero-Turn Mowers or Lawn and Garden Tractors, there are a number of other articles here in this knowledge base, or you could follow this link to visit our product pages or try calling one of our friendly helpful team on 0345 4588 095

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