Some general tips for the safe use of hedge trimmers


  1. Make sure you are in possession of a good quality, well-maintained hedgetrimmer. Battery powered, mains electric or petrol, whichever you decide on, or own, keep it in good condition. A well-maintained machine is a safer machine. A good all round hedgetrimmer should have double-sided, reciprocating blades, a decent cutting length and, for more comfort and convenience, a swivel handle with several positions to make cutting at different angles easier.
  2. Always read the manual. This is a constant comment from suppliers because people often do damage to machines simply because they didn’t read some simple instructions. if the manual does not read well and you have queries, use the internet to check for answers, call the manufacturer, or call us!*
  3. Never use a hedgetrimmer without checking it first. keep your blades sharp and clean and lubricate them. Blunt blades make the job harder and can do damage to your hedge or shrub.  
  4. Make sure you wear sensible clothing. Never cut in flip-flops and loose clothing. Wear flat, sturdy shoes and clothes that cannot become entangled with the blades of the hedgetrimmer.
  5. Wear protective clothing if you can. It may seem like overkill to wear goggles while trimming a hedge but if you are hit in your eye by a flying twig you could damage your eyesight. Do also wear robust gardening or chainsaw gloves wherever possible. 
  6. Always check for obstacles like toys, branches, rocks, etc in the grass around your hedge before you start. If you trip while cutting it could be very dangerous 
  7. Never use a hedgetrimmer in wet weather. it is dangerous, particularly if you are using a mains electric powered machine. It is also not effective and will not produce good results. 
  8. Don’t drink alcohol or any mind-altering substances before, or during, hedgetrimming. You really need to be fit, alert and in control of your senses and your muscles to carry out a task like this. Likewise, don’t do this job when you are overtired. 
  9. If you are using a mains electric hedgetrimmer, it often helps to have the cable back and over your shoulder so it cannot get anywhere near the blades. 
  10. Ensure your hands are always on both handles when using your hedgecutter
  11. Your standard, generic all-round hedgetrimmer is not designed to do the tops of trees or very tall hedges. You must NEVER overstretch or stand on tip-toes to cut high twigs and branches. In fact, as a rule, your hedgetrimmer should never be raised above head height. If you decide to use a ladder or step-ladder PLEASE make sure it is stable. Ultimately the best way is to keep your feet flat on the floor and if the hedge is too high, use a long-range hedgetrimmer. 
  12. Each cut should be done with a long, carefully controlled sweeping movement, parallel to and across the top of the hedge. the side should be cut with the same sort of movement from the bottom to the top of the hedge. 
  13. Always move forwards along the hedge when cutting. Walking backwards along a hedge with a powered machine is not a good idea. 
  14. If foliage becomes stuck in your blades ALWAYS make sure the machine is totally powered down before removing and ALWAYS wear gloves! 


* MowDirect has a comprehensive range of well-priced, quality hedgecutters available. You can see the range here.  If you need any advice on these machines or any other issues, please call us on 0345 4588 905 and one of our friendly product advisors will be more than happy to help you. 

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