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Lawnmowers: Hayter Lawnmowers

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  1. Hayter Harrier Lawnmowers

    Hayter Harrier Lawnmowers

    Hayter's legendary Harrier range of rear roller lawnmowers! Achieving a beautiful striped finish to a lawn is now easier than ever...

  2. Hayter Recycling Lawnmowers

    Hayter Recycling Lawnmowers

    Hayter Recycling lawnmowers with advanced mulching decks! These solid and robust mowers produce an excellent finish on lawns as well as coping efficiently with informal grassed areas...

  3. Hayter Spirit Lawnmowers

    Hayter Spirit Lawnmowers

    Hayter's NEW Spirit range! Light, easy to use lawnmowers for smaller lawns with traditional Hayter quality...

  4. Hayter Motif Lawnmowers

    Hayter Motif Lawnmowers

    Hayter Motif range with Honda engines! These 4-wheel rotary lawnmowers are at home just about anywhere in the garden...

  5. Hayter Envoy Lawn Mower

    Hayter Envoy Lawn Mower

    The Hayter Envoy electric rear roller lawnmower for the smaller garden! All the craftmanship you would expect from Hayter at a great price with no compromise on quality...

  6. Hayter Hayterette Lawn Mower

    Hayter Hayterette Lawn Mower

    Tough machines for tough jobs! The Hayter Hayterette has been at work in British gardens for 50 years and is an expert at cutting rough, overgrown areas as well as fine grass...

Hayter Self-Propelled Roller Mower Only £367 - Save £92 Create the perfect striped finish to your lawn Self-propelled drive system saves on pushing Centrally-controlled height of cut for ease of use Ideal for small-medium lawns