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Echo make high-quality, professional grade brushcutters & line trimmers for gardeners needing serious equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Echo brushcutters & line trimmers are highly reliable and comfortable to operate. Choose below from options ranging from light to heavy duty.

Echo Brushcutters & Line Trimmers

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  1. Echo GT-222ES Grass-Trimmer
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    Echo GT-222ES Grass-Trimmer

    Weighing only 4.7kg and with a curved shaft that provides the perfect working-angle for grass-trimming, the Echo GT-222ES is a comfortable, low-effort way to put the finishing touches to your lawn edges. Its ergonomic ‘loop’-handle design makes it safe and easy to control; while its bump-feed system makes renewing the nylon-line a breeze. This model is powered by a dependable 21.2cc engine with Echo’s performance-optimising Power Boost Tornado Technology.

    More Info On The Echo GT-222ES Grass-Trimmer

    R.R.P: £209.00  


    £159.00 (inc. VAT)
  2. Echo SRM-222ES Petrol Brushcutter

    Echo SRM-222ES Petrol Brushcutter

    Aimed at the discerning domestic gardener, this high-performance 21.2cc two-stroke brushcutter from Echo will enable you to get your garden shipshape in super-quick time. Its powerful low-emission engine has been equipped with Echo’s EasyStart system, so achieving ignition is a fast, stress-free operation; while its twin-line cutter-head employs a bump-feed mechanism that makes renewing the line as straightforward as can be. The SRM-222ES can be paired-up with a brush-blade (optional) and weighs only 4.7kg.

    More Info On The Echo SRM-222ES Petrol Brushcutter

    R.R.P: £239.00  


    £219.00 (inc. VAT)
  3. Echo SRM-236ESL Petrol Brushcutter

    Echo SRM-236ESL Petrol Brushcutter

    Built to semi-professional specifications, the powerful and easy-handling Echo SRM-236ESL is driven by an advanced 21.2cc two-stroke engine with Echo’s effort-saving EasyStart technology. It boasts a solid drive-shaft, so it’s capable of tackling dense, well-established growth; and it comes with a bump-feed line-head that makes refreshing the cutting-cord quick and simple. Despite its rugged build-quality this model weighs just 4.9kg.

    More Info On The Echo SRM-236ESL Petrol Brushcutter

    R.R.P: £349.00  


    £299.00 (inc. VAT)
  4. Echo SRM-265TESL Petrol Brushcutter

    Echo SRM-265TESL Petrol Brushcutter

    Combining a lightweight, low-vibration engine with a huge 50% increase in torque output, the impressive 25.4cc Echo SRM-265TESL Petrol Brushcutter will appeal to the hardworking landscape professional. Its nylon-line cutter-head has been equipped with large-diameter cord, so you won’t be defeated by heavily overgrown vegetation; while its ergonomic ‘loop’ handle confers low-effort control and manoeuvrability. This model is Stage-2 emission-compliant and weighs just 5.9kg.

    More Info On The Echo SRM-265TESL Petrol Brushcutter

    R.R.P: £435.00  


    £389.00 (inc. VAT)
  5. Echo SRM-300TESU Petrol Brushcutter

    Echo SRM-300TESU Petrol Brushcutter

    Enjoy unforgiving amounts of torque with this premium commercial-use brushcutter from Japanese power-tool experts Echo. Its optimised gear-reduction ratio delivers superior cutting-performance from a smaller and therefore lighter and smoother-running engine; while its professional ‘U’ handle works with advanced vibration-damping measures to ensure high levels of operator-comfort. The engine on the Echo SRM-300TESLU has a 28.1cc displacement and features Echo’s effort-saving EasyStart system.

    More Info On The Echo SRM-300TESU Petrol Brushcutter

    R.R.P: £509.00  


    £399.00 (inc. VAT)
  6. Echo SRM-300TESL Petrol Brushcutter

    Echo SRM-300TESL Petrol Brushcutter

    The Echo SMR-300TESL is a commercial-grade unit with a revolutionary new high-torque gearbox that works to optimise cutting-performance without the need for a heavy, high-capacity engine. Its impressively lightweight build (6.0kg) combines with Echo’s high-specification anti-vibration technology to make it comfortable to use for extended periods; while Echo’s EasyStart system means a light, two-fingered pull on the rope will see the powerful 28.1cc engine fire-up. This model comes with a nylon-line head, with a metal blade offered separately.

    More Info On The Echo SRM-300TESL Petrol Brushcutter

    R.R.P: £499.00  


    £449.00 (inc. VAT)
  7. Echo SRM-335TESU Petrol Brushcutter

    Echo SRM-335TESU Petrol Brushcutter

    This premium petrol brushcutter from Echo boasts a high-output 30.5cc engine, a high-torque cutter-head and a high-specification anti-vibration system; a combination that ensures it will appeal to the commercial landscaper. It’s equipped with a ‘U’-type handlebar that allows for a comfortable, low-effort side-to-side sweeping motion; and it features Echo’s EasyStart system that will see the engine spark into life with the lightest of tugs on the starter-cord. Weighs just 6.7kg.

    More Info On The Echo SRM-335TESU Petrol Brushcutter

    R.R.P: £635.00  


    £559.00 (inc. VAT)
  8. Echo SRM-335TESL Petrol Brushcutter

    Echo SRM-335TESL Petrol Brushcutter

    A high-torque cutter-head, high-tensile steel drive-shaft and comprehensive vibration-damping make the very high-powered 30.5cc Echo SRM-335TESL a great choice for the landscape professional. It utilises Echo’s renowned EasyStart technology, which means practically zero effort is required to achieve ignition; and it’s fitted with a compact ‘loop’ handle that makes it easy to manoeuvre where space is tight. Designed for all-day use, this model weighs 6.4kg and can be paired-up with an optional shoulder-harness.

    More Info On The Echo SRM-335TESL Petrol Brushcutter

    R.R.P: £625.00  


    £569.00 (inc. VAT)
  9. Echo SRM-420ESU Petrol Brushcutter

    Echo SRM-420ESU Petrol Brushcutter

    Equipped with a hugely powerful 41.5cc engine but weighing-in at just 8.7kg, the high-specification Echo SRM-420ESU is aimed at professional landscapers regularly tackling tough, day-long brushcutting applications. It’s impressively smooth in operation, so will remain comfortable and controllable for the duration of the task; and it’s equipped with a ‘U’-type handlebar for low-effort manoeuvrability. Blade and line-head both included.

    More Info On The Echo SRM-420ESU Petrol Brushcutter

    R.R.P: £749.00  


    £669.00 (inc. VAT)
  10. Echo SRM-420TESU Petrol Brushcutter

    Echo SRM-420TESU Petrol Brushcutter

    A high-performance 41.5cc engine and a high-torque cutter-head ensure Echo’s most powerful petrol brushcutter will breeze its way through the most challenging areas of weeds, brush and bramble. It comes equipped with a full shoulder-harness, so long working-hours won’t prove overly tiring; and it’s fitted with a ‘cowhorn’-style handlebar for a comfortable and controlled side-to-side sweeping motion. The Echo SRM-420TESU features EasyStart and weighs 8.7kg.

    More Info On The Echo SRM-420TESU Petrol Brushcutter

    R.R.P: £779.00  


    £689.00 (inc. VAT)

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